La Villa - Missing le Squid Ink Pasta

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Today, I will be introducing this Mediterranean eatery located at 341 River Valley Road - La Villa [Italian Grill & Bar]. It's easier to take a cab or drive to this Italian Grill & Bar~ Highly recommended to plan a trip to this quaint location soon, as this restaurant will be relocated due to upcoming MRT plans :( Heard that the last day of operation at this pretty place will be on 8th Dec 13~ So do it give a try at this quaint chill-out spot, away from the hustle and bustle before their last day there! :)
This was B's attempt at surprising me for my B'day this year by having the entire day planned out for me~ and he succeeded! Never expected to dine at such a nice quaint place for lunch hehe~ So it was a pleasant surprise! Thanks B! <3

Prices were on the >$20 range for mains, slightly pricey but worth the penny for the food & ambience~
 We were served bread while waiting for our food :) And guess what, this was our first attempt at having bread with vinegar & olive oil! :p Oopsy hehe we were like country bumpkins but at least now we know! The combination was pretty tasty! 

Enjoying every bit of it! :D
The decor in the restaurant was simple and welcoming. Seems like it's a popular spot for family gatherings too! :)
Thanks B for doing the planning! Really appreciate it <3

And without further ado, presenting to you our first main of the day!
 We had the Funghi wood fired pizza~ 
{Tomato, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Pancetta Ham, Egg, Truffle Paste}
 YUMS! we will rate it 4 out of 5 stars! :D The crust is light and the toppings are the perfect combi~ Cheesy enough for cheese lovers like me.. Hehe.. this pizza misses the perfect score becos the egg was unfortunately not runny.. :( Love runny eggs and I was pretty disappointed when I tried to poke the yolk yet it's not runny. Haha.. All in all, still great!

Do give this a try! :D
And the other main that we ordered was: 
Spaghetti Pasta with mixed Seafood and Squid Ink sauce 
[S-S$22, L-S$28]

Needless to say, we ordered the large portion haha.. just becos we were greedy pigs.. And luckily we did! I was even annoyed with B for a few mins just becos he gobbled up the final spoonful of this squid ink pasta. 
We were both attacking this plate of black goodness & neglecting the pizza after this arrived :p This was our very first attempt at trying squid ink pasta and it was really good!! 4.5 out of 5 stars from us! This squid ink pasta is zee best till date, tried some other squid ink pastas after this but none left us as satisfied as this plate of yummy goodness did. We will be back for more!

I was so tempted to try the cakes too! :D But.. B asked me to save my stomach for the next surprise location (will blog about this soon!)
But check out this tart! So tempting right? :D Love these cake stands! Must get these for my dream home in future hehe~
After a highly satisfying lunch, we went to explore the area outside~
Perfect area for drinks under a starry night~

And guess what I found? :D
woohoo! A slide! hehehe.. Yes i know, i'm too huge for the slide.. But who cares since it was my b'day? :p
Tried to take an act cool pic on the swing but ended up with this shot which was hilarious as I was trying very hard to remove my heel from the gap lol! Burst out into laughter secs after this pic was taken! I guess I am just not model material.. :p

And I'm in the perfect top to match the giraffe bouncy castle set up for kids at this restaurant! :D 

OOTD: Giraffe Printed top + Black Crotchet shorts and my trusty Longchamp bag

That's all for now! Do check out La Villa at their current location 
341 River Valley Road
#01-03 Singapore 238372
(Located at the old River Valley Primary School)

Operating Hours:

  • Mondays - Saturdays
    • Lunch: 12.00pm - 2.30pm

    • Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.30pm

  • Sundays
     Brunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
    Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.30pm
before their last day of operations on 8th Dec'13~ Hope you like my recommendation! Do remember to make a reservation before heading down :)

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