What I have been up to for the past few days...

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So sorry for the lack of posts for the past week! >.< Have been really busy and here's what I have been up to! :)

1. Revamping my blog
(Special thanks to B Love!)
 Do you notice that my blog looks neater now? :) I hope it is easier to navigate with the categorisation of my blogposts into:

Travelogue, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Events

And my contact info is also available via the menu at the top!  :D 
I'm currently still in the midst of transferring the links of the past posts to the respective categories. Only done with 'Travelogue' & 'Beauty' as well as 'Contact'! :)

Let me show you my Travelogue tab!

 Do click on it to take a look! :D
I have categorised my posts into the various countries/ region! If you click on my photo for that country eg. Korea, Seoul, all my posts on Seoul will be displayed. To link back to a certain post under that country/region, the respective links are also provided below :)
Hope this makes it easier for you to locate my travel posts for instance!
Also included a mini preview of the travel posts that are upcoming! :D

I'm quite happy with the current layout but have received some feedback on how to improve the user experience on my blog~ Will be working to improve on it! *Fighting*

In the meantime, do stay tuned to the neater categorisation of posts for the other categories like 'Food' and 'Lifestyle'! :) So do bear with me if I don't manage to post a new blogpost as often.. Don't abandon chloewl.blogspot.com & continue to check back again kk! ;)

On top of the revamps to the header with my favourite photo slideshow and the menu, I have also created a Facebook Page for my blog so that I can provide new posts updates! Please help to like my page! Thank you! <3

Another add-on to my contact platform would be the newly created page on ask.fm, which is like formspring where you can post questions anonymously :)
I will try my best to answer the questions thru this alternative platform, but it would be best if the comments can be posted on my blog (faster response from me :p)

2. Get A Grip Photo Competition
This is the other thing that was keeping me rather busy and being unable to provide prompt updates to my blog.. Haha.. 

I really really really hope that I can win this camera from Canon! Although I already have Nikky, Nikky can get a little too heavy and bulky at times.. So when i chanced upon this competition via Nuffnang Ads, I decided to have a go at it! :) I only started to post photos for this competition on Sunday and mass msg-ed everyone on Mon & Tues!

Before i go on to rant on the results of the competition,
Thank you to all of my friends, B's friends and our friends' friends! Thank you everyone who voted for me, and so sorry to cause all the trouble you might have to go through to like my pictures! <3
Really appreciate all the help that was rendered so readily within a timespan of less than 24hrs~
 The current status update on this competition (6th June 13 - Thurs) : Week 5's winner has not been updated yet and I am not the winner *sobs*

According to the terms and conditions page 2,
"5. A "Winner" will be selected and announced on contest website (www.getagrip.com.sg) every Tuesday through Contest Period. Winner will only be able to win the prize once."

And according to the next point,

6. A "Winner" represents an "Eligible Participant" who submitted a "Qualifying Entry" within the "Qualifying Period" and who has the most number of votes during the particular week. Eligible Participants stand to win 1 of the 8 Canon PowerShot N cameras per running week of the Contest. CSPL will select 7 Canon PowerShot N winners, based on the best creative shot. 1 Canon PowerShot N camera will be given to the entry with the most likes within the gallery on the website. This voting is open to all public, including winners of the contest.

Based on the yellow highlighted points, all of my friends agree that I am currently most likely to be the winner with 94 likes for my top photo and 1355 votes! However, we also note that there is also the blue highlighted point which is kinda ambiguous.  So i might not be the confirmed winner.. hais.. 

B & I tried really hard to spam via FB msgs and whatsapp to achieve this amount of likes.. I really hope these likes won't go to waste.. :( If I really get to win this camera, I will definitely blog a detailed blogpost about it! But.. currently, seems like it is not possible..*Please let me win it!* Prays hard~

This is getting very frustrating! Especially when you have tried your best but the results are not updated at all! Even if you lose, you also want to know that you have lost and not continue waiting aimlessly right?

If you are the marketing staff or officer in charge from Canon reading this post, could you please update the status of the Get A Grip competition?? Don't let everyone think that this is merely a hoax please!! This definitely does not have a good marketing effect for this new Canon product! >.<
 Even though I may not be the winner, I would like to see the mugshot of the Week 5 winner so that I can account to the people who took the trouble to vote for my pictures :( And I can stop waiting and hoping like an idiot!

Being very impatient, I have tried calling Canon on Tuesday to check when is the closing date or timing for the weekly competition.. BUT... after transferring my phone call 3 times to 3 different places, no one could give me an answer?!! It's as if this competition is non-existent! Are people actually winning anything from this? Hais.. I just want an answer!! Everything seems like a hoax currently.. 

Canon, can you please provide an answer?
Till the next update, everyone please wish me luck that there will be an update soon!

If possible, please help me to like my photos under the user name Chloe.WL via www.getagrip.sg so that I can still have a chance in winning this camera! *Pretty please* 
That's all for this post! I am currently working on one of my travelogue posts to Seoul! Stay tuned! :D

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