Top 3 Cheap thrills in Seoul! Of Neoprints, Supermarket & Noraebang!

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Hello i'm back!!! :D
OmgOmgOmg!! *hyperventilates* I got chosen as one of the top 10 bloggers for Laneige's beauty blogger challenge! :D 
*so thankful*
It's like a dream come true! I can't believe it! Hahha.. okok enough of excitement. Please pardon me for being so 'sua gu'! I'm still in the midst of preparing my blogpost so do wait for details on the dream laneige makeover event that I've attended! The girls i met there are all sooo pretty with really good complexion! And the staff were v friendly and helpful too! :D Thank you so much for all the help during the workshop! And not forgetting my starstruck experience meeting two of my favourite bloggers: Qiuqiu and Velda! 
*fangirl alert! I took pics with them! Hehhee.. First up close experience with my favourite bloggers! Never had such a chance before!*
*Sneak peek of the upcoming post at the end of this post*
Back to the main topic for today! I'm going to show you what are the top 3 cheap thrills to try out in Seoul! :D

Number 1
You may think that neoprints are very old school since everyone uses their handphones and the neoprint apps to add the cutesy fonts etc etc, but think again!!!

Check this out!! There are hanboks and cute accessories to wear for free to take your neoprints with! <3 <3 <3

Awesome right?? And at no extra charges!!! It's only 7000won (less than S$10 *divide it between 4 ppl, it's less than $2.50 each!* Value for money!) for a neoprint shot and you get to wear the costume and accessories for free! It's a must go/must try when you are in Seoul! This neoprint machine store is located in Insadong 인사동 on the second level near the cheerful Ssamzie-gil complex (쌈지길).

So glad we managed to stumble upon this cheap thrill when we wandered around the area!

 Selfie! Please don't box my face for acting cute haha.. Couldn't help it after I wore this really pretty & colourful hanbok and check out the cute hairband on my head! >.<

 *Family Portrait!*
The lady boss was super nice! She even helped us to tie the knots on our hanboks, adjust our hair and positions and helped us to take a picture with my camera! :D 
*Thumbs up for good service! Another reason why you should not miss out on this place!*

And here's our neoprint pics! Love them! We should have went for 2 rounds of neoprints instead!  ;) #greedyme
*Love love love the hanbok i was wearing!* psst! You get to choose your own hanbok from a range of hanboks available!! :D

Check out other ppl's pics! Super cute right? :D
I want a picture with B at this neoprint shop too!!! *hint hint! can we head to Korea next year pls? :D*

Ok! So this place is value for money & has good service! Oh did i forget to mention that the lady boss even helped us to laminate and cut up our neoprints! :O So don't miss out this spot as a must visit place when you head to Korea- Seoul! :D

Moving on~

Number 2
Visit the big supermarkets like Lotte Mart!

You might be thinking: 'So weird! Why is she asking us to visit the supermarket?!!!'
There are always alot of 'hidden treasures' and you always get cheap & good deals from supermarkets!! So whenever i head overseas, supermarkets are my ultimate favourite place to head to! 
Eg. Found very cheap Häagen Daz ice cream in US supermarkets, cheap flipflops & clothes in Australia's supermarkets etc etc
*auntie to the max*

I'm not a rich girl yet I am a shopaholic, so what to do? Got to look for cheap deals! :D

We went to the Lotte Mart at Seoul Station (right after Jimjilbang)! Oh! And did i mention that Seoul supermarkets operate till late at night? :) We head to Lotte Mart at around 10pm or so.. and shopped till they closed at around 12 midnight hahahaha.. *hardcore shopaholics*

So let's take a look at what we saw at the supermarkets! :D
Very expensive watermelons! around S$15 or more? haha.. But looks pretty huge!

 All the sauces and bean paste section! We each bought some home so we can attempt to whip up some korean cuisine at home! Hehe!
 the packaging for baking products also so cute!
And the boxes of titbits! Love the choco fish! All thanks to Qiuqiu's instagram where I saw her recommending this before I went to Korea last year :D YUMS! It's like cake with chocolate & marshmallow filling packed in individual packaging! And it's only for less than S$5 for one whole box?  :D

And of course, to buy the Market O Brownies! Really yummy! You can just open up, pop it into the microwave to heat it for a few secs and eat it with a scoop of ice cream! :D *slurps*

 Another highlight of the trip to a supermarket is getting "upclose" to the KPop stars you like! *cheap thrills* You might not be able to meet some Kpop stars on the streets but you can find them everywhere in the supermarket wahahaa~
Fans of Lee Seung Ki would probably like this! :)
For the fans of Kim Soo Hyun!

 For IU's fans! :D She looks so cute!! If only i can have a fair complexion like her :( lol!
And this was our half filled trolley! We had two trolleys for 4 ppl lol!
 And check out the pretty glass bottles of coffee!

 And i was so tempted to buy this Pororo bottle! Lol!

For Nichkhun's fans! :D

For Big Bang's fans! :D
SO CUTE! I was also tempted to get this cute Pororo ice shaver! hahaha.. #justthinking but in view of the lack of space in the kitchen at home.. i was rational at that moment and didn't lug this thing home~ lol!
And this was our entire stash! Two trolleys filled with food and some essentials haha..
And we lugged one box each back to our hostel! :D Crazyshopaholics = us! 

Here's the pic of our room looking more and more like a warehouse -_-

Number 3
Check out the Noraebang! :D
We went to the Noraebang at Hongdae called 秀 Luxury Noraebang! :) Sorry i can't remember the rates at the Noraebang but i know it is quite affordable! Slightly cheaper than Singapore KBox etc.. and comes with free flow ice cream i think! But we didn't try the ice cream hahaha..
Check out the building! Very pretty right? You can pay more to get the rooms facing the streets and you can have your few hours of fame dancing and singing to the passer bys on the street hahaa!

It's as if we were entering some cafe, the decor was very pretty! :D
Even the white walls are embossed with pretty prints! 

And check out the walkways leading to the KTV rooms! I was blown away by these cute displays! If I can, I want such cute walkways in my dream home too!! :p Too dreamy le!!!

The super pretty lighted up walkway with oh-so-pretty trinkets! :D

And into our ktv room! :D 

Check out those lights! You can seriously imagine how excited we were hahaha.. It's as if you have your own stage and can sing, jump around with pretty lighting effects! 

 Our only problem was that we spent quite a bit of time fiddling with the remote control :( *Sobs* but luckily there were English Songs to sing! Hahhaa.. The KPop songs we can only go "Gee gee gee gee baby baby" lol! Except for Tiffany who could sing pretty well in Korean! *applause*

So for those planning to head here, brush up your KPop songs and head to the Noraebang to try it out! :D
 Not forgetting props to liven up the atmosphere and hygienic disposable mike covers just like in SG! :D

 Group pic before we left! :D
And here's a mandatory toilet pic! 
*mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?*
Spot Xuan in the mirror! Hahaha.. Inception effect! LOL!

 Passing by the lobby area with all the Victorian decor~
And me with Xuan! :D 

That's all for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading about the top 3 recommended cheap thrills to try out when you head to Seoul! :D Do try them out!!

*Sneek Peeks of the upcoming Laneige Beauty Blogger Challenge post!*

*hehe.. Starstruck moment & fangirl mode*
With celebrity bloggers Qiuqiu and Velda!

*after the make up workshop! :) Love love love the cushion that we were given! the giant powder puff is super cute!*

Oh ya! Will need everyone's help for the voting contest that is coming up! >.< 
PS: Have not received any details regarding this yet, will update as soon as I receive news about it~ :)
Hope you all can help! Pretty pls!! :D

Thanks so much in advance!!!

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