I Love Laneige!! [Review]

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This is my very first beauty blogpost so do pardon me if i am very naggy or if i miss out any details kk! Please provide me with comments & feedback on how to improve my post! Thank you!! :D

*Warning: lots of without make up dull looking vain pok pictures ahead!*

Argh.. First blogpost showing my without make up dull looking face without any editing :( 
Please don't leave my blog becos of this kk! Pls continue reading! *Pretty pls!!*
 These are the usual worries and thoughts that never fail to run through my mind almost everyday or every weekend! It's so frustrating! Esp when I want to look good for a date with B! It's not everyday that he can spare time to go out with me! *Pumpsfists!* 

Must look good!! *Fighting!* but what should i use??? :(
SLEEPING PACK to the rescue!! Must apply before I go to bed! :D

I'm in a dilemma as to which bottle i should reach out for! So.. I will usually alternate the use of the sleeping pack between 'Firming Sleeping Pack' & 'Water Sleeping Pack'! hehe! 
*not sure if this is the right way to use it though!*

I'm reaching mid twenties soon and hydration + firming up my skin will take high priority  :) This is the exact product to use to counter these problems!
This is how the Firming Sleeping Pack looks like! :) It's amazing how it has the 'SleePop7' technology in this cream itself! You can mix the cream up until it's really messy, and within less than 30secs, it is back to it's original form! @_@ WOW! Amazing or what? The secret to supple & moist skin~
(This is how it looks like when applied. Just a very thin layer of transparent cream on the right side of my face)

Sleeping packs are the best solution for lazy bums like me!!! :D Thank you Laneige for this wonderful creation! Wahahaha.. I am too lazy to put a sheet mask on my face and wait for 15mins or so.. I would rather lather on a thick slab of sleeping pack and head to bed! *Do you feel the same way as me? :)*
Here's the wonderful water sleeping pack that I've been using! Started using this product 4 years ago and it is still as awesome! 3rd tub and counting~ Moreover, now there's an upgraded version which is the firming sleeping pack! One tub of sleeping pack can last pretty long so it's a really worth it 'investment' for your face! ;)

Just apply either one and head to bed!

Moving on to the next step! After a good night's rest~
First, wash off the sleeping pack or Firming sleeping pack and cleanse your face with a facial cleanser.

See! These are the next set of products to use! :)

Starting off with the toner!

Pat pat pat!!! Make sure the toner, essence & eye cream gets absorbed! Hehe.. Don't forget to pamper your neck too! :)

Once you are done with the daily skincare regime, we can use the Snow Bb Soothing Cushion! I bought this last year when I went to Korea and it is one of the best buys of the trip! The coverage is pretty good and does not make your face look cakey! 

Check out my 5 reasons why I love this sooo much right below: *Points down*

Patting on the Bb cream bit by bit~

And here's my finished look! :D
*I don't have very good make up skills :( hopefully I can win the pass for the Laneige workshop to pick up the right way to apply this Bb cream & maximise it's use hehe!* Pick me pls!! >.<

Please don't laugh at me, this is my first attempt at creating this before & after make up picture :x Pls pardon me k! :)

No studio lighting so maybe the difference is not that obvious.. and I was tilting my face *yikes*
Hmm..but you can still spot the difference! Check out the uneven skin tone on the right side and the roughness of the skin esp at my nose area.. Also note the red spots on my cheeks, nose etc etc The left side had similar red spots too! But it's all covered now! :D hehe! Love the Bb cream!! 
I promise to do up better comparison photos for my future beauty products posts! *Pumps fists*


All ready to head out for my date with B! :)

*i love my polka dot romper & red hat! it was a good hair day & good complexion day all thanks to my stash below *Points down**

This is my current stash of Laneige products and what I use on a daily basis! :D 
(bought a holder from Daiso in a similar shade of blue just for my Laneige products hehe!)

I got introduced to the brand Laneige by my ex-colleague Regina 3-4 years ago, and the first product I got was the Water Sleeping Pack. I was hooked onto using Laneige products ever since then~ thanks so much for the wonderful intro girl!! :D

Subsequently, Regina also recommended me to try the toner, essence and eye cream from the Waterbank series. So.. my skincare collection currently consists of these products! :)

And as my skin condition is 'semi-sensitive' (sometimes might get red patches or rashes easily), I am slightly apprehensive when I get introduced to new skincare products. However, I'm proud to say that Laneige has not failed me at all in all the products that I have used thus far! :D
So, if you have sensitive skin like me, Laneige is the brand to start with!
Do try it out! :)


Top 3 Skincare products I will highly recommend to try:

1.Water Sleeping Pack
2. Water Bank Series Power Essential Skin Refiner (Moisture)
3. Purify-Tox Boosting Essence! :)

I would love to try all the other water bank series products too! :( but.. cash strapped me would have to settle for this stash of skincare products and Bb cream for the time being :/

Ok! 1 Skincare product that I love the most is none other than the water sleeping pack that I am using since 4 years ago! 3rd bottle and it's still amazing! I bring it everywhere i go! Especially when I go overseas to cold countries when it's winter.. Water sleeping pack never fails to heal my peeling skin and provides moist looking skin the next morning! 

And also 1 Make up product that I love the most is the Soothing Bb Cushion! :) Not just because this is the only Laneige makeup product i own apart from the mineral skin mist.. but it's my favourite product from my entire make up stash! A good foundation that protects my face from the sun, super easy to use without smudging my fingers while applying and is sooo soothing to the skin :) Definitely one of my make up essentials! <3 

Hopefully.. maybe.. just maybe.. Laneige can consider sponsoring me some products? Hehehehe.. *daydreaming*

Alrighty! Time for bed and to continue dreaming! Night night! Do stay tuned for my next post on the recommended places to go when you are heading to Korea! I promise it will be interesting! *winks*

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  1. Nice and thorough post! I also enjoy thr bb cushion as well!

  2. Hi,
    Do you have an idea if Laneige also has face serums? Thanks.
    ~Pauline @Aveeno Philippines

    1. Hi Pauline! :)

      I'm not sure if you are referring to Essence? :) They have different essences/serum for the different skin care range like the Time Freeze, Perfect Renew, Trouble Relief etc. (depends on what kind of skincare concerns you are looking at) They also have the new time freeze eye serum :) You can check out their website for the full range of Laneige products!


      Hope this helps! XXOO