Jimjilbang in Seoul! :D

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Today I will be blogging about one of the best activity to experience when you are in Seoul! I have decided to split up my Seoul Travelogue June'12  into different activities.. Too many things to talk about! Time flies~ It has been nearly one year since my grad trip to Seoul! I want to head back there again and go for a massive shopping spree!!!! :D

Ok.. enough of shopping! Here's a look into what a Jimjilbang looks like through the lens of my old iPhone! Finally dug out the pictures hahaha.. *Pls pardon the picture quality!*
We went to the Jimjilbang near Seoul Station called Siloam :) Prices were quite reasonable if I didn't remember wrongly! And it is a very cheap form of accommodation if you are travelling on a really tight budget haha.. An interesting experience I would say :D I think we paid less than S$15 per person and we had further discounts using a tourist card we got from the airport information counter! :)

Ok.. enough of talking.. let's check out the pictures! :) Oh ya! forgot to mention, we didn't opt for the public bath or hot spring water becos you had to be dressed in your birthday suit aka naked and we were quite shy.. not used to that culture so we only went for all the sauna/steam/fomentation rooms. :D Not sure if it's the right description for the rooms but that's the sign written there *points down* hahaha.. A pity we didn't know how to fold out towels into the cute bun head.. *next round I must approach an ajumma to teach me! >.<

So we went to change into the clothes provided and off we went with my iPhone in hand to try out the fomentation rooms! :D Lots of facilities available but I thought that this Jimjilbang seems abit old and not crowded like what I imagined it to be! *like those in Korean dramas* hahaha.. 

They have eateries, arcade, massage chairs, a huge tv with sleeping area and even books to read haha..

And we went into one of those Fomentation rooms and it was pretty shiok to lie there in the heat hahaa.. Detox effect seems to be true! Fooling around in the room where some ajummas were snoring away lol!! I feel like i was being sent into the oven and yes that's me in one of the pictures below lying down hahaha..

And to the other rooms to try out! We went into almost every room hahaha.. *Explorer mode on!*
Brrr.. The ice room was really really cold! -7 degrees lol!

And we buried ourselves in salt, lie on a bed of really hot sand/salt/i don't really know what we lie on hahaha.. and also went into an oxygen room.. Thank goodness for English translation in front of each room hahaha..

And after exploring almost every single room, we went to find food!! :D Should have cracked those eggs on our heads the running man style hahahha.. Tastes really good after we sweat it out! They have two kinds of egg and we tried both. Our conclusion: Both tastes the same hahaha.. although one is more expensive than the other. They taste like 茶叶蛋 :D They provide salt to eat with the eggs too! Add a little bit will do!

And the fermented rice punch drink is oh-so-yummy!!!! Love love love it! It's like the barley drink but slightly different.. No idea how to describe it. I need to go back and try this drink again~ hehe.. and oh oh! They even have a snorer's room! V considerate right?:) I guess those choosing Jimjilbang as a form of accommodation can consider this room if you snore really loudly hahaha..

Oh yea! They have a lift to bring you to different levels too! That's how huge the entire Jimjilbang is! :D But i'm not sure if this Jimjilbang is not famous or is it the older kind, we didn't see much people there when we went at around 7-8pm.. Maybe it was not the peak hour yet? hmm.. not sure.. haha..
Interesting experience though! Only regret was not being able to take pics with the towel bun thingy hahaa becos we didn't know how to fold :( The ajummas at the counter were quite friendly although we didn't know how to converse in Korean!

Till the next post on my adventures in Korea! Stay tuned! Byebye!! :D
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hello! For this, are the males and females seperated?

    1. Hi dear! :) Yes, the public bath areas are separated by gender but the steam rooms are common areas. Hope this helps!

  2. You went to two different jimjilbang, so which do you prefer? Why?

  3. Hi dear! :)

    I prefer the Shinsegae Spa Land one as it is at a more convenient location, the interior is newer, cleaner more posh and has more facilities in my opinion. However, Shinsegae Spa Land is in Busan only. So it highly depends if you are only visiting Seoul only.

    Hope this helps :)


  4. Thank you for the reply. It helps me a lot. Ya, after I comment your blog I only realize it is located in Busan. Such a waste because my trip won't touch on Busan. :(