That's the end of my long weekend! :(

By 12:52 AM

Apologies for the lack of posts! I'm currently preparing for a beauty blogpost, hopefully to be up on my blog by Tuesday! :)

Do look out for it!! Thanks for all the support thus far to everyone who reads my blog! XXOO!!

More travel posts, cafe visits etc etc coming right up! :D
In the meantime, introducing this pretty pocky that I bought from NTUC! Heart shaped pocky hehe~ 
*my weakness for heart shaped items* lol!
 With my pretty cupcake nail art and mint nail colours! 
*sigh..if only i can get a nail sponsor or if i am good at doing nail art for myself, then i can have pretty nails everyday!* daydreams~ lol! 

I can't even paint normal nail polish neatly.. haha..
Anyway, check it out! It's in individual packets! Only 3 packets.. quite expensive i think.. $2.50 for 1 box.. but it was for novelty and phototaking sake :p

Luckily it tastes quite yums too! NOM NOM NOM

I wonder how they achieved this..Amazing! 

Have a great week ahead everyone! I have a serious case of Monday blues now.. Good night!! <3 

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