Second instalment of our Graduation Photoshoot! :)

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It's a lazy Sunday! Slept the afternoon away~ but... I didn't forget to blog! :p Here's the final part to our outdoor graduation photoshoot! 

We wore our suspenders, tee and shorts underneath our graduation gowns! Such a relief to remove the heavy gowns haha..! Our photoshoot theme was : We are the Geeks! :p

Brought our geeky specs, decked in our Geek tees with props such as globes & books! :)

Moustache from my own collection of photo props~
I'm in my own lala land~ lol!

Friends are family we choose for ourselves <3

*Pardon me for squashing the both of u~!* A rather challenging shot since i had to balance myself trying hard not to squash the both of them who are so much skinnier! >.<

Thank you for being such awesome study buddies! I will always remember the times when we mugged together~!

Pretty Xuan! :)

Ms Awkward lol!

毕业了!!! :D Happy Graduation guys! Although it's nearly one year later since our last papers haha..

Photobooth mode! :D

One of our favourites! :)

Love this picture too! All squashed together with our mortar boards on our heads! haha!

And to end off with Weiting's most natural shot! Cute!

My individual pic on the swing was just plain awkward lol! :p So i'm not planning to post it up~

Thank you Lumiere Photography once again for the nice pics! <3 Maybe it's time to plan another photoshoot with them again? ;p 

Here's the link back to my previous Part 1 of our photoshoot:

Ok! Time to head out for an evening jog! Bye~!! Will have another post coming up on Tues/Wed on Korea/Seoul! Do check back again kk!! :D

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