Top 10 Food not to be missed when you head to Seoul! :D

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Hello everyone! Here's the post as promised on my trip to Seoul! :D #missingseoulsobadly

Besides the shopping, shopping & more shopping, I really miss the food too!! So here's my personal recommendations on the Top 10 Food not to be missed! :D

OMGOMG... really miss this a lot! First dinner for our trip! It's at a random restaurant near to Shinchon Hostel.. YUMS! Tteokbokki sauce with sausages, instant noodles and more!!! Piping hot and with a tinge of spiciness! SHIOK!!

Tadaa!! Check out the cheese sauce drizzling down! OMG... *slurps* Chicken & hashbrown mixed with sweet & sour sauce, drizzled with cheese sauce.. *So sinful, but soooo good!* One of the best Korea street food you gotta try! We had this while walking down the streets at Hongdae! :D


Jiang jiang!! Zhajiang mian!!! :D It's the authentic zhajiangmian you always see on Korean dramas, and Korean variety shows like my favourite running man!! :D Tastes too good! *slurps* and we had this delivered right to our hostel! Too convenient! I need to eat this again!! Don't be deceived by it's looks, it's really tasty! Do try it out for the ultimate K-Pop experience hehe!

Tteokbokki! Don't miss out on the tteokbokki when you are in Seoul! :) Just try it anywhere.. any random street stalls/ small eateries sells better tteokbokki than the ones in SG.. hahaha *in my biased opinion* lol! But maybe some authentic restaurants in SG makes pretty yummy ones too but i've not tried yet..

Can you guess what is this humongous plate of yummy goodness? :D

A bowl of rice with seaweed & yummy fish roe! :D

Check out the huge huge plate of yummy goodness! *I look like some greedy pig here lol!*

Thank you for the yummy treat, Jessica!! :D Much love! I can't wait to head back to Seoul & meet you again!! :D

Anyway, this is the famous Chicken Glass Noodles shop opened by Seven. We went to the outlet at Gangnam :) And it was pretty yummy! :D But abit too spicy hehe.. Need to choose a spicy level that is lower the next round and omg the serving of this dish is toooo huge for 4! Too huge! Need to opt for something smaller.. Just in case you are wondering what is the bowl of rice for? Hehe.. according to Jessica, it's for you to mix it in with the sauce after you have finished the glass noodles.. haha.. *Mission impossible*
My only advice is: order a smaller portion! :D Definitely worth a try! 

And the very very yummy peach juice that i miss sooo much!! :D In my opinion, I think that this is nicer than the banana milk hehe.. becos personally i don't really fancy milk.. *kinda lactose intolerant* Must try ok! It's the drink they serve at the chicken glass noodle shop! YUMS! Counters the spiciness too hahaha..


Don't miss out trying out the pastries & desserts at Paris Baguette!! :D Definitely cheaper than the franchise in SG by half the price.. SG's Paris Baguette is way overpriced! >.< it's like Breadtalk's price but way nicer!! :D And they have tons of variety! I can never forget the experience chilling out at Hongdae's outlet, listening to CN Blue's songs, people watching and eating my ice cream puff which costs less than S$2!  

I even brought some back to SG from the airport! :D *love* Just hoping the franchise in SG can sell the pastries at a cheaper price..


Lotteria is another fast food outlet joint not to be missed! :D Check out my Hanwoo Bulgogi Burger!! *Huge & YUMS* and those 'to-die-for' cheese sticks in the picture above! Not forgetting our drinks which are adorned with Song Joong Ki's face hahaha..Yummy Lotteria!! Pls open a franchise in SG? :)

Ginseng chicken soup! :D The most expensive single item dish throughout our trip! It was around $25++ for a bowl of ginseng chicken soup~ Reasonable for the goodness! Love the soup! Do try it! Tastes good even during summer! Will taste even better during the winter season hehe!

Krispy Kreme!! I heard that it's coming to SG.. but when?? why still no news yet? :( 
Love the donuts! Even better than Dunkin Donuts! Not as oily and still very fresh even after you keep it till the next day! Tried & tested in Seoul! :D LOVE IT! So grab your box of Krispy Kremes when you are in Seoul!

Seoul far so good!! :D
 Don't forget to slurp up:

{All the rest of the food!!!}
Perfect for the hot summer weather after an entire day walking along the streets :)

Some random sweet snack that sticks to your teeth hahaa.. Like malted candy.. You can find stalls selling this on the streets in Myeongdong :)

And pls try this POO cake! From Insadong! :D
 *I rmb Tiffany mentioning that this is not the authetic stall and the authentic stall tastes way better* Can anyone let me know if they know of the place that sells the best Poo/ Dung Cake? :)

Dear Xuan had the best expression! *Had to post a pic of her.. too cute!! * :D

Street food street food and more street food! :D

Love this potato sticks we shared! YUMMY 
*yet again better than SG's any random potato sticks*
But i'm unsure if it is my biased perception? @_@

More snacks! :)

And our favourite ice cream for less than S$1! :D 

I think i ate at least 3 sticks during the entire trip! So glad I can find it in SG to curb the cravings.. but it is twice or thrice the price it was sold in Seoul.. :(

Ending off with a huge piggy faced picture of me with my yummy cookie from a bakery near Gangnam station! It's a bakery similar to Paris Baguette :) Prices are pretty friendly & reasonable too!

That's all for now! Hope you like my post on the TOP 10 food that you must try when in Seoul! :D Will be back with more Seoul experiences and pictures! I want to head there next year!! 
*all fingers crossed for plans to work out!!*

Time to hit the sack! Good night! Thanks for reading! xxoo

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