Happy Labour Day! :D

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Happy Mid Week, Happy Labour Day, Happy May Day and Happy Public Holiday! :D

Today is a happy and chillax day!!
 Not forgetting it's also May's birthday! Happy Birthday May!!! May all your wishes come true! :D
 *Hope you see this if you happen to read my blog :p*

This must be the most efficient blogpost ever! Blogging about the brunch date I had with B this afternoon at Hatched's Holland Village's outlet~ 

267 Holland Avenue
Tel: 64630012
We reached Hatched at around 1pm or so. The restaurant was really crowded.. >.< Luckily we got a seat in around 15-20mins :) And the uncle waiter was very nice, accommodating my various requests.. Didn't like the attitude of the younger waitress though.. She acknowledged that I needed a table for 2 yet didn't put my name down or anything and left me standing at the entrance like an idiot. Argh. Luckily the uncle came along and took down our names. Sorry for the angst.. a hungry girl is an angry girl haha.. :x

Yeah! Seats in air conditioned area! :D

*Bloated looking face with super long fringe* Need to trim my fringe & start jogging again!!! >.<

The menu is simply too cute~

And they have really cute condiment bottles! :D I noticed that other tables have different salt & pepper holder too! 

Woohoo! Our food arrived rather quickly! YUMMY!

Shrooms Overload
'Portobello is king as it sits atop the juicy beef patty topped with bacon and cheese served with steak fries.'

Our verdict: Mehh... Nothing special.. and we were expecting alot of mushrooms since the dish was named 'Shrooms Overload' but it was just one super huge mushroom. -_- And the beef patty was not juicy at all.. It was very tough and both of us gave up eating the patty halfway.. :( The only nice part of this dish was the yummy sunny side up. Check out the yolk! :D

Sir Benedict
'English Muffin topped with smoked ham, streaky bacon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce, served with homemade mash'.

Our verdict: YUMMY Poached egg! Portion looks small but it's actually just nice for one serving! Nothing very special, nothing was super yummy except the poached egg which was really good in my opinion! I love runny yolk! <3 Maybe becos I have not tried better ones yet? Haha.. But i'm glad I ordered this!

Check out the runny yolk! :D

Outfit for the day: Polka Dots jumper & my new watch from NakedGlory! :D

Too lazy to bring it to get another hole punched yet so the watch is slightly too huge on my wrist :p

Check out my nails! Hehe.. Gelish bunny, queen of hearts and the clock :)

After photo taking, we decided to order a dessert! There's always room for dessert no matter how full you are! Don't you agree?:D

Chocolate Molten Cake and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream! :)

Check it out! It's actually a drawing of a chick! What a pleasant surprise! <3
The chocolate molten cake was so-so.. The one from Chocolate origins is still zee best! Muahahah.. The cake was too crispy in my opinion and the chocolate sauce did not exactly ooze out when I cut it into half.. :/ And worse part was the scoop of vanilla ice cream was already melting in the picture above  when they served us! Took the picture once they served us the dessert! I'm not sure if it's because their refrigerator is not working properly, or did someone leave the ice cream lying around for quite a while before they served it to us.. *doubtful* But.. oh well.. no point arguing over melted ice cream.. 

B said: "Never mind la! Just enjoy the food! :)"

and so, we ended our brunch date with the sweet chocolate molten cake~ Yums!

Thanks for always making 'angsty me' smile! Love you!

That's all for now! Do check back during the weekends for my new post! I promise to post some other events like my Convocation or a travel post instead of a food post hehe.. becos I realised it is getting rather boring with continuous blog posts of food.. Now you know why I'm getting flabbier and gaining weight. Too much food lol!

Time for bed! zZzzz Bye~!

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