Our Graduation Photoshoot! :)

By 1:16 PM

Hello! I'm back! I must apologise again for the late post! :x It's all attributed to the 200 over work items in my inbox :( but i must hang in there!! *Fighting!*

Anyway, I've finally received my photos from Lumiere Photography! :D Indeed, Lumiere Photography has produced another set of photos I really love! So tempted to go for another photo shoot again! :) 

This photo shoot was at Fort Canning park with my dearest study buddies Weiting & Xuan to mark the end of our studying journey as of now ;D
Happy Graduation!! 

Presenting my individual shot aka the "as chubby as my bear" picture! :p

PS: Check out my giant pen and Weiting's giant pencil! Hahahaha..

And off we go!!! *Flying away to the universe & beyond!* LOL!

Not forgetting the obligatory throwing of the motar board picture! :D

Love you girls! Will post the next instalment of our photoshoot soon! Thank you Lumiere Photography for being so accommodating and we need to really thank our lucky stars that we could take all these pictures before the heavy downpour again.. This is must be most eventful photoshoot ever lol!

More pics coming right up!! :D

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