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So sorry for the delay in posts! Have been really busy with work as usual and there was D&D last Friday :) Sunday is going to end just like that.. arghh.. why does weekends pass ever so quickly??

Just woke up from my afternoon nap and Sunday is coming to an end.. -__- If only I can have never ending weekends! *daydreams*

Today I'm going to blog about my recent visit to Blisshouse! Special thanks to Streetdirectory & Blisshouse for the invite! :) Headed there last Tuesday with Germaine! Blisshouse is conveniently located at The Central @ Clarke Quay~

Blisshouse Singapore 
6 Eu Tong Sen Street 
#03-21 , Central 
Singapore 059817 

Operation hours  
1130 am - 11 pm 
Monday - Sunday 
Check out what we saw when we just stepped in! So fairytale like!! :D A fairytale carriage~!

And here's the yummy non-alcoholic drinks for people like me! Hehe!

Check out the YUMMY Tapas!!! The setting and ambience is so nice!

One more picture of our drinks!:)

The place is so romantic! *Love it!*
B, will you bring me here again soon? :D

And a special order by Jojo :) *she's so pretty! hehe!*

*Took this picture from Streetdirectory's blog*
My picture with 4 pretty ladies!

 Check out the setting! It's as if you are in a garden! :D The night ambience was great! But I would like to visit again in the day! I'm sure the atmosphere would be very nice too! hehe.. would be even nicer for photos!

 Cutie cherry tomatoes 1,2,3...

 More tapas!! :D

Salmon! NOM NOM NOM :p

Not forgetting the yummy cakes!

More pictures on the decor all around! Check out all the pretty clocks and phones! :)

So princessy!

It's a candle holder! :D

And the main attraction of the whole restaurant....
The pretty white baby grand piano!!!!

They even have a Gramaphone! wow..

More snapshots of the piano becos it's my dream piano!! <3

It has been quite a while since I last touched the piano keys -__- *guilty*

Will pick it up again soon! It's part of my new year's resolution! Hehe! Time to pick up a new score and master the song! :D

Kinda miss playing all the nice songs.. argh.. blame it all on my goldfish memory! :x

2 pictures of myself "acting like i'm playing" on the white grand piano! Hehe!! 
*satisfied girl for the day!* Thank you Germaine!

*Grandfather's clock* So grand, so pretty~

I want a mini chandelier in my future home too! *daydreams*

And the pretty white roses decorating the entire restaurant! :)

A very pretty place for ROM, 21st party, events etc etc with the pretty doors separating this place into a private function room! :)

And check out the pretty wedding gowns~ so dreamy!

Spotted this cute little sewing machine trinket! I have a soft spot for sewing machines just becos it reminds me of the happy times spent at Grandma's old home! <3

Don't you feel it's so dreamy and fairytale-like? :D

And lastly, we ended the day with a jewellery making workshop! :) The instructor was very patient & helpful! Do sign up with Blisshouse for jewellery making workshop if you are interested~ The sense of satisfaction upon completing your bracelet is great!! :D

Jewellery Making Course
Sundays 3-5pm
Contact 97211321 for registration, other timeslots and enquires

Everyone was hard at work haha.. *Picture from Street directory's blog*

*Picture from Street Directory's blog*
With Gin & Germaine :) Nice to meet you Gin!! :D Hope to see you again!

With yummy cakes served while we were making our bracelets :)

Tadaa!! My bracelet! Hahha.. Just joking! This was the sample piece made by the teacher~ ;p

And this is mine!! Not bad right? Heex!
Would love it more if the purple beads were of another colour though.. :x but nonetheless it's an achievement for the day!! :D

and before we headed home, we also chanced upon this wedding exhibition showcase at the atrium by Blisshouse! So pretty!! *exactly what I would love to have for my future wedding* ;p
Beautiful setting!

Love the pompoms and the heart shaped cut outs! <3 <3 <3

That's all for my post on Blisshouse! Hope to head back there again soon in the day ! :D
That's all for now~
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