Double trouble..? :)

By 12:39 AM

It's times like these when I wish I could split myself up and my twin can help me to clear my work while I can work on my blog, plan travel itinerary, watch dramas, catch up on my favourite running man, pack up my forever messy room.. and the list goes on..
It's already April! and soon May will come and before you know it, half of 2013 would have been over.. LOL! I hope to be able to fulfill some of my new year's resolutions by then! :x
Please let my work be less hectic and please don't flood my inbox! Have been feeling quite overwhelmed by the workload recently but I guess this is work life.. *Fighting!*

Barely surviving the timeline and always on the brink of bursting the timeline.. arghh.. thank goodness for helpful colleagues! Ok.. time to sleep! 


I need the weekends to recuperate! Byeee!! Will be back with a proper post this weekend! <3

PS: Pardon me.. i was quite bored the other day and was in a highly vain mood which explains why I had the floral headband on my head in this picture hahaha.. :p

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