Tim Ho Wan & Shiok Maki!! :D

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Introducing the recent hype/ highly raved food places in town! I bet you saw these pictures on your instagram feed these few weeks! :p Nevertheless, let me provide some food reviews! :D

First up, let's take a look at my recent visit to Tim Ho Wan last weekend with B! 

Tim Ho Wan
#01-29 Plaza Singapura
The Atrium @ Orchard
68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6251 2000

The cheapest 1 Michelin Star dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong is in Singapore! :)

After nearly 4hours in the queue on Saturday, we finally got a seat at Tim Ho Wan for our brunch turned tea break lol! The wait was terribly long but I was determined to try out Tim Ho Wan for the day.. so.. hehe! I totally underestimated the crowd on a weekend! Wanted to give up q-ing at the 3hours mark but.. you know the feeling of "so near yet so far"....? Lol!

My advice would be to go on a weekday instead!! :D

Finally it's our turn and we got the order form! Ordered the 四大天王 since it's the signature dishes! :D and 2 other dishes! Turns out that the portion is just nice for the both of us! Yay we didn't order too much hehe!


Finally our feet got their well deserved rest! *phew*
Check out how relieved B looks~

An empty seat that never goes empty for long! The queue was just crazy.. 

And so.. let's determine if the food is over- rated because of all the hype it is getting?

First up, we have the 1st Signature dish- Steamed Egg Cake!

Our verdict: Thumbs up! Yummy when served piping hot! It's fluffy & light unlike the other steamed egg cakes outside~ YUMS

Next up, we have the Glutinous Rice dumpling! 

Our verdict: A portion that was just nice for two! And it is oh-so-yummy!! The rice is so soft and yummy!!! Definitely didn't wasted our effort to queue for this glutinous rice! Will definitely be back for more!
 *better than Victor's Kitchen in my opinion :p * i think that this should swap with the carrot cake and be a signature dish instead!

2nd Signature dish: Carrot cake! :)

Our verdict: Meh... the carrot cake tasted so-so.. slightly better than the carrot cakes that you can find outside but not to my liking because the entire carrot cake was not compact but it just falls apart when u try to cut it up.. Won't queue for the sake of the carrot cake!
*please pardon the way i describe it becos I couldn't think of a better way to explain how i felt.. hehe*

And introducing the famous Char Siew Bao! :D
Check out my bao looking face with the three baos.. hahahahaha...

*Which one should i choose first?*

3rd Signature dish: Char Siew Baos!! 
Definitely the top item on my list to queue for!! YUMS! The filling was piping hot and the meat in the char siew baos was not those usual fatty meat.. You know how disgusting it is to sink your teeth into those char siew baos with lots of fatty meat filling right? This char siew bao will definitely not have that yucky filling!! Delicious, with the sweet crust and yummy feeling~ I will be back for more!
Must order this! :D

The final signature dish- Vermicelli Roll with Pig Liver

Our verdict: -_- We didn't like this.. because both of us were not fans of pig liver.. the dish was kinda cold when it was served :( Even the vermicelli roll from White Sands food court *our all time favourite* would taste better.. This was very much overrated.. but I have to give credits to the pig liver which was not over cooked so it was still tender :)
Not ordering this if I visit the next time round :x

And what better way to end off our meal with a dessert? Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus cake~

Our verdict: Yums! Something refreshing! Looks very pretty too! But one piece is enough for me.. :)

Ending off our Tim Ho Wan review with a picture of satisfied B :D 

Overall verdict: Service was reasonably fast given the never ending crowd at the restaurant..Will be back again for the yummy char siew baos, glutinous rice and steamed egg cake and probably to try the rest of the items on the menu! :) but definitely not braving the 4hours long queue just for that.. Shall await the opening of the takeaway counter and the queue to subside~
Till then~!


SHIOK MAKI from Koh Grill and Sushi Bar!!
I bet you have heard about this or saw this in your instagram feed! *Nods nods*

So.. B and I decided to check out Koh Grill and Sushi Bar for brunch on a weekend :)

435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Tel: 91803805

Cutie sumo <3

B <3

We waited...and waited.. and waited...

Till I'm so bored and angsty :/

The service level and timing for delivery of the food to our table definitely requires improvement! Especially when the restaurant was not very crowded when we first arrived~ Waited for sooooo long.. argh!
Counter seats anyone? :)

And introducing the main item for today! SHIOK MAKI!!!

Our verdict: YUMS Will be back for more! Love the cheese, salmon and eel! Not forgetting the yummy fish roe! :D *Slurps* but the price is on the steep side.. around $16- $17 for a plate of shiok maki if I recall accurately..

And we ordered fish soup which did not have much taste to the soup.. :( I felt like we wasted money on this.. :/ Moreover, we had so much trouble eating the fish.. the tiny bones were highly irritating..

Enoki Buta Maki & Tomato Buta Maki :) 

Yummy~ nothing very special about it though..

And we ordered the sashimi bento set! The white sashimi was very yucky.. I have no idea what kind of fish or seafood it is.. I just can't seem to appreciate it :x Love love love the thick salmon slices though!! :D

Happily eating away! Save some for me!!! :p

The cheese, avocado, salmon, eel and fish roe combi was the best sushi I have ate thus far!!! <3

Indeed, Shiok Maki has lived up to it's hype! SHIOK!!! :D

That's all for this post! :) Please check back soon on my blogpost to Blisshouse! A really pretty restaurant~ Tata!!

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