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Went to this quaint little cafe with Weiting some time ago, simply to chill and discuss ideas for our graduation outdoor photo shoot! :D Poor xuan was not feeling well hence she didn't join us this time round..
*Can't wait to receive the pictures from the photo shoot then I will blog about it! :)*

Decided to head to L'etoile Cafe after seeing a cute coffee art picture on instagram :p So here we are!

L'etoile Café
160 Owen Road 
Tel: 62982872 
Tue - Sun: 09:00 - 20:00
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park Exit D

This two storey cafe is inspired by the indie cafes in Japan and it's both a lifestyle store and a café! Love the things that they are selling too! :) Ok..! enough of talking.. let's take a look at the pictures :D

We had to walk quite a fair bit from Exit D, around 10mins walk or so? :) From Exit D's direction, we saw the side of the cafe and not the shopfront of the cafe.. haha.. With Google maps, I'm sure you will be able to find it! ;p We didn't go in circles to locate this cafe, unlike our Tiong Bahru cafe hopping day.. so I would say we could locate the café quite easily!

Unfortunately, Weiting and I went during the peak hour (around 2pm?)..*Sobs* we had to wait at the seats outside the café for nearly 20mins before we got a seat at the first floor.. 
*coughs..smoking corner* :(
After reading blog reviews that the second floor has nicer decor, i was determined to get a seat upstairs! #kiasu
Requested the waitress to let us know once there are available seats upstairs hehe!

Cute cute menu! :)

Love the cute illustrations on the handmade menu! <3
 :D and finally after changing our seats a few times, we finally got a seat at the second level!

Wanted to order the L'etoile dessert or tarts, but it was sold out already.. :( not much variety available for desserts though.. was hoping for some waffles etc.. haha..

Nevertheless, coffee art is very cute! Although I requested for the doggy coffee art, they gave us the bear coffee art :x Oh well! At least it's super cute so it's ok!! :D

Super adorable right? :D

They even have books that you can grab and read while chilling out at the café! Took this book from the shelf but was so busy taking photos and chatting that I didn't have time to read it haha..

And introducing the Big Breakfast! :0 YUMS.. nom nom nom..

Loved every single bit of it except that the mushrooms turned cold by the time it reached the table :( 
YUMS.! It was really filling for the two of us!

And check out this single seat right in the middle of the second level café haha.. abit awkward but it was really cool! It's made out of an old sewing machine stand (i'm not sure if this is the right name for it) haha.. but it sure brought back fond memories from my childhood where i used to step on the stepping board and watch the wheel of the sewing machine spin :p 

Books that you can grab to read :p

Check out those retro seats and our truffle fries that has finally arrived! :D

Food took quite a while to be served but i'm not sure if it's becos it was the peak hour or becos we were seated on the second floor.. hmmm..

Yummy truffle fries but definitely not the best that I've tried. Not the worst truffle fries either.. Thus far, I think the best truffle fries award goes to "The Coastal Settlement"!! These truffle fries will be in the mid range based on my truffle fries ranking haha! Not too oily but the fries turned soft after leaving it there for half an hour. -_-'''

Shall blog about the fries from "The Coastal Settlement" soon! :)

More of the pretty decor on the second level of the café :) Love this lamp shade! So pretty and intricate!

A random Hard Rock Cafe bear in a little corner.. Lol!

And yes.. an ancient typewriter again! lol! Seems like an old school typewriter is essential in every retro themed shop :)

And this clock is major LOVE! I need to have such a clock in my future home somewhere somehow haha.. It's just so pretty!!! :p

And check out this mini corner near the water pitchers and utensils area :D Cute mini cassettes! Really reminds me of my grandma's old house where she had a similar corner too! *fond memories*

With my new crotchet flats from H&M :)

Weiting :)

And on our way down, we saw these!

I love the typewriter design! The colours are my favourite combi! Haha!

This bambi design is also major love! So pretty! :)

And postcards! Not sure if it's for sale or if it's free.. but it's really colourful and pretty!

This vespa design is pretty cute too!

One more of my favourite design that I would love to bring home!  <3

The utensils and water pitcher corner for level 1 is also pretty cute! :0

While making payment at the counter, I also spotted these cute magnets! So adorable don't you agree? :D

They even sell accessories too!

And pretty cushions! Perfect as gifts right? :) Yet again..if I have my own house to decor, I would totally grab the cute cushions.. currently, my room is too overcrowded with random things.. argh!

Love this cute display!

And that's all for our trip to L'etoile Café for that weekend's brunch date! 

More pics next round hehe! My "personal photographer" didn't go out with me hence no photos of me.. :p

PS: Love the last picture with the vintage mail boxes! 
More cafe reviews coming right up! Or should I continue on my travelogue entries? Hmm...
Check back soon!! :D

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  1. Love the photos you took in this cafe! I visited this cafe last week but was not impressed by it as we were not informed that they have a 2nd storey... And perhaps we ordered the wrong food as well :(

    my version of the review: http://musings-of-a-rabbit.blogspot.sg/2013/12/letoile-cafe-owen-road.html

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment! :) Yup the 2nd storey was more interesting :p