Redang Cruise Trip Part 3! :D

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Hello hello! :D I'm back with more post vacation pictures! Finishing up the Redang Cruise 3D2N Trip 2012 with this final part 3! :D

Sorry I took quite a while to arrange the photos.. Took too many as usual hehe! :p

Starting off with breakfast for day 2!
@ The Pavilion Room :)

Yeah! We are all ready to go for our snorkelling trip! Hehe!

Act yi ge couple! LOL!

We are the Batman couple! :D

And next, we have the Superman couple!

Cutie bestie!

And now we are all ready for "battle"! 

Batman vs. Superman


But before this, we will zoom back to the time before the battle starts~
Unglam moments lol!

Batwoman and Superwoman were best friends until Superwoman got "bitten" by this lion statute.. :x
*i know i know lol.. i'm being v v random hahaha spinning off a ridiculous story with our pics hahahhaha*
But.. anyway. i'm just going to continue with the story heex!

Let the battle begin!!!! :0

And it ended with a draw! hahahhaha.. 
And Batman and Superman became best friends again!:D
4 crazy ppl taking funny pics on the cruise~

Very lame right? LOL! Moving on!!

We went back to our room with a board game rented from the library! PICTIONARY!

And.. we concluded.. bestie and I were better at the game hehe!

After all the board game fun, we went on to have our lunch at our favourite place- The Pavilion Room again! Still prefer Chinese cuisine over Western cuisine hehe!

The 3 hungry looking ppl.. Hahaha.. While waiting for our food, I made an impromptu tripod with the bowls hahaha.. And there you have it, a picture of the three of us *minus Zaihui who went to the toilet* heehee!

And... after lunch, it will be time to snorkel! You can refer back to my post here:

After our snorkelling trip, B and I rushed back to the cruise and changed before heading to Redang Main island via another ferry taking us there! :D Bestie and Zaihui were not feeling well  after snorkelling so only the two of us went to the main island. :(  Dating time for us! Heex!

To the main island we go! :)

Drama King B~

Just the two of us <3

Look at the beautiful beautiful scenery! <3

The sand was so soft and white! 
*special thanks to another couple who helped us to take these pics!* 

Spot Superstar Virgo in the background! :)

Hmmm.. why is the beach so crowded?:(

Cute B! :)

One of my favourite pics haha.. a picture before i splashed water on B lol!

Check out the beautiful sea water and the pretty gradients of blue!

And what is phototaking without jump shots? Hehe! Beautiful backdrop and a really high jump by B love!

Mine pales in comparison lol! Comical wise i think I will win him hehe!

And... i landed *plonked* LOL
i can't jump very high.. *sobs*

Running man yo!! <3 I really like this picture! 

One more individual shot for u, B! :D

First time lying on a hammock.. not the most comfortable place to chill IMO (in my opinion) :p

B seems quite relaxed though!

Couple pic! :D

And we spotted a couple with these gigantic boxing gloves! Wahahhaa.. We decided to be thick skinned and went to borrow it from them for pictures! Hehe! Thank you for being so kind in lending it to us as well as taking these funny pics for us!

We look like crabs here hahaha...

 And how can we forget to draw our names in the sand before we leave? Hehe!

 That's B fixing the heart shape becos he thinks that my heart shape is very distorted -_-

Tadaa! End product! <3

And.. to end off our trip to the main island, we grabbed some cute souvenirs as well as drinks, ice cream and fruits before we went to join the long long queue to take the ferry back to Superstar Virgo! :)

Check out the cute maps drawn!! :D

Bye Redang!!! We will be back in future! Thank goodness for good weather! :) it started drizzling as we were about to leave :x

Back to the cruise and washed up before heading out for ice cream! :D Decided to spend our remaining $100 credit on Gelato! YUMS!

*Sweet treat after a hot hot day out in the sun!* :D

And guess who got the first bite? Haha!

Back to the room to chill before dinner haha.. Poor Duffy & Flamingo being tortured by us to act cute :p


And it's dinner time! Back to our favourite restaurant @ The Pavilion room~

I was angsty and B was trying his best to make me smile.. 
*which explains why the photos took during dinner only shows my pouting face :x*

After dinner, we had an exciting game of Jenga, ventured into the Casino again before settling down for supper.. before zZzZzz
It's really really exciting to play Jenga on a cruise! The whole tower sways as the cruise moves.making Jenga even more challenging than before! Do try it out with crazy forfeits in place hahaha..

And we created our very own heart shaped domino! Took a video too haha but i'm lazy to upload it here :p

Began our last day waking up for a swim and to soak in the jacuzzi!

 While waiting for the rest hehe :p
Balcony class feels so much better than the lower decks which i've stayed in previously when I went onboard Superstar Virgo :D

To the pool! No pics hehe..maybe next time when i get a waterproof and shockproof camera
*item on my wishlist hehe*

And brunch before we check out! :)
 Love the scrambled eggs that was cooked on the spot! They had omelette too! :)

Bye Superstar Virgo! We had lots of fun during our short getaway with our favourite couple! More trips soon kk! :D

Do refer to the side bar under "Travelogue"-> "Redang" or "Superstar Virgo" for the links on Part 1, 2 & 3 of this Redang cruise trip~~

That's all for my pictures overloaded post! Hehe! Be back soon to check out the next post!
Thanks for reading! Bye~!

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  1. The girls are so pretty!! The guys are so lucky!!!~~~~ :P:P

    1. Thank u for your kind comments hehe!! ;)

  2. Hi So nice of ur u to be so detailed in your blog post! love it! anyway, how much was the excursion to redang?
    Would uu rather recommend the excursion to be bought from cruise or tour agent? much love, Sasha

    1. So sorry for the late reply! :p Thank u for your encouraging comments! :) If i didn't rmb wrongly, the snorkelling excursion was roughly around $50 sgd each.. Can't rmb the exact price sorry! >.< The snorkelling excursion can only be bought after you board the cruise at the main reception area. Tour agents do not sell the snorkelling or diving packages for star cruise :) If you do not want to pay for the snorkelling or diving excursions, you can also get off the cruise to the main island for free, when the cruise docks at redang. Not sure if you have to sign up before hand though.. you might want to check with the reception after you board the cruise :) Hope you have fun on your trip!

      Love, Chloe