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Hello everyone! Sorry for the break in posts again! Have been busy editing the photos and finally i finished the post on my first blogger party with Germaine to Tatty Marsh! :D

Thank you Haren & Tatty Marsh for the invitation!

*Caution: lots of pics ahead!*
 I can't wait to show you all the pretty items in Tatty Marsh!

Presenting to you one of the most "home-ly" shop I've ever been into~

Tatty Marsh
A host of the best British gift and interior companies now in Singapore

 Even the shop's window display was so pretty!

 Cute tote bag!

I was so excited to check out all the pretty items even before entering the store!

Wahahaha.. VIP for the day! :D

And this pretty tray holder with all the glasses of champagne & orange juice greeted us when we walked in! Love the tray holder! 

 Grabbed 2 glasses of champagne with Germaine and went around to snap pictures and shop around! :p

 And check out these Cath Kidston napkins/tissue paper! *sooo pretty!!*

 Please pardon me, i was like some country bumpkin and kept saying "so cute!" and "so pretty" and "wah.." while i was taking pictures.. hahaha.. That was how excited I was! The chandelier was so pretty! I want this in my future home! Heex~

 Check out these cute cups!!

 Muahaha and this cute sign! :D so evil lol!

Really interesting sign boards lol!

 And check out these cute decor that can instantly brighten up your homes!
 *Psst! makes your whole room look really classy!* :)

 If you are cash strapped like me, and can't afford the other pretty items yet, not to worry! You will be able to find things like these cute wrappers too! Really pretty and you can wrap your plain notebooks with them to spice it up, cut up the paper to make it into a card/use it as part of your scrapbook or simply to wrap presents for your loved ones!

 And for those who are fans of Jamie Oliver, they have the cheeky mugs for sale too! :) Great for gifts!

 Cath Kidston!! I think they have the largest variety of Cath Kidston that i've seen in Singapore.. Bags in all kinds of shapes and sizes..

 They even have a range of Cath Kidston baby products!

Love the baby elephant hehe! The plush is not only for babies kk!! Was so tempted to buy it! 
*but i didn't :( need to save for upcoming trip to TW*

Selca-ing in progress even with my wide angle lens :p hehe..!

 And the 2 cute bears that were in almost every single blogger's pictures! :p too cute to not take a picture of them & with them! ;p

Ohoh! Something i discovered while playing the treasure hunt was how soft the pastel pink and blue towels were! *really soft!!!* 
Haha.. i know it's random but hehe!

 Check out all these pretty macaroons! Looks too good to be real! haha.. 

Grabbed a pink one and was nearly caught on camera by the event photographer, stuffing myself silly with the pink macaroon! LOL!

 Such a cute decor! I think it's a stand to hang things too! Cute and practical! 
I want to bring almost everything home!!! >.<

 *Oh gosh!* Even the shower gel and body lotions are all in pretty packaging! Love love love the whole place!

 Guess what are these? :) nope they are not real cupcakes! Sorry i forgot if they are lip balm or soap :x.. But they are so cute and pretty right? :)


Would love to have the LOVE sign in my future home! So pretty!!!

Check out the cute bunny slippers! :D

What a cute way to display the flowers~

 Check out these owls too! :D Cath Kidston again! heex..

With my favourite apron in the entire shop! So cute right? I love hearts! :D

There are cups from Cath Kidston too! :)

And this pretty box is a sewing kit! :D

And the pretty pens! Something more affordable for the budget conscious too! :D

Not forgetting Mr Dumbo that I really really wanted to buy back! :(
but..i've decided not to, given the amount of plushies I have at home.. 0_0

 Lots of pretty flower pots too! :)

And this is my favourite spot in the entire shop! <3

Browsed around further and i found these!! :D
I love love love the scent! And i bought it!! It was one of the cheapest item in the store lol!
*i'm a cheapo becos i'm broke :(* but i'm a happy girl! I think it's lavender scented? And the heart shaped packaging just made it even clearer that I am going to buy it! LOL!

Next, check out the rest of the cute Emma Bridgewater products near the entrance of the shop! :D

 I love the "LOVE" mug/cup! Super pretty! Don't you agree?

Would love the mini luggages as a present! Best as photo props when you head for a picnic :D

Another glass of orange juice before i head on to check out the vintage area! :)

Check out all these vintage looking cards! Nice! :D

 And all these cute looking cards too! :)

In case, you are not the florals kind of person, there's also a vintage area at the other corner of the shop! :D

 Vintage typewriter! :) Can't imagine having to use the typewriter now.. I would have to delete my essay and restart for 100 over times?! hahaha..

Since, vintage is in trend now, do check out all the pretty trinkets and photo frames to add the vintage touch to your home! 

 Personally, I really like this decor hanging on the cupboard! Simple yet adds a lot more life to an otherwise old vintage cupboard.. <3

 The vintage cosy corner~
 Wahhaha.. gold bars anyone?:)

Too excited! *hyperventilates*

With the lucky girl of the night! :D

 And for those who are collectors of anything that has a map or globe design, these coasters are just the thing for you! So pretty!

The centrepiece in the shop :) so pretty!

And...we started a treasure hunt around the entire shop where we could win 3 prizes! Unfortunately, being the lazy me, I didn't really search very throughly lol!  With no luck on my side, I didn't even find one card. Oh well! :x 3 pretty bloggers walked away with a limited edition brooch each!

While searching for the clue cards, i went into another section of the shop with all the Pinkerton bags displayed on the shelves!! So pretty! :D Sorry! I know i've mentioned pretty numerous times.. but the things are really NICE! :p

The place where we filled in our names on the card to win the pink Pinkerton bag on the table! :D

Love the pink one and the one beside it!

Picked one that would suit my outfit for the day! This bag had the same coral colour as my cardigan, at the sides :D

I would have taken more pictures if B was at the event with me.. but too bad.. :( and i was kinda shy becos it was my first blogger event haha.. Will be more bu yao lian next round! hahaha..

Check out this row of bags too! *perfect for work* *drools*

They even have a corner selling accessories! This bangle was calling out to me! But!!! again.. chants to self: "Save $ for TW trip!" or not i would have bought this hahaha.. The lilac colour is so tempting!!

Next, we also had the grand lucky draw where one of us could win the Pink Pinkerton bag! *gasps!*
And guess who won it? :D
The lucky girl for the night was none other than Germaine!! So happy for her!!
Check out the pretty pink bag made out of real leather!!

Another beauty blogger also won something for the online contest! *envious*

 The pretty lady boss Victoria and her husband as well as the staff at Tatty Marsh! :)
Thank you for having us!

I had so much fun browsing through the items in the store! Would love to get something from there in future when I have my own apartment! :p

Victoria took a picture with one of the cute signboards! :D

Last but not least!
Thank you for the pretty goodie bag with a pretty heart shaped decor, soap and a very pretty scented candle! :D

I made Ted hug the scented bag so Ted will smell the same too! Hehe!
See! Even a cheapo like me will succumb to buying something from the store.. do check out the store! For home decor ideas, gift ideas, little trinkets, a centrepiece to brighten up your home, a dainty cup or some interesting signboards to spice up your life?

@ 163 Tanglin Mall #02-07 Tanglin Road S(247933)

Thank you Streetdirectory.com for organising this event! Thank you for reading this lengthy post everyone!

I will be back with my next post very soon! :D

So, stay tuned and don't forget to check back on my blog!

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