Redang Cruise Trip Part 1! :)

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Here's the first part of our 2012 Redang Trip! I know that it is very backdated by nonetheless I still love the photos! Hehe :p

So.. here's Part 1 of the Redang cruise trip photos! :) I know i posted Part 2 already :p Sorry for jumping the sequence.. Anyway.. I miss the trip with B and my favourite couple.. Shall we go on a short getaway soon? *Pretty please!!!*

Without further ado, presenting to you:


Went to Shilin for lunch before boarding Superstar Virgo :) Pls pardon my short fringe, i look so weird omg.. :x

Our passport covers hehe <3

Spot my luggage!

After all the hustle and bustle, we are finally onboard Super Star Virgo! :) not my first time on Superstar Virgo but my first time with friends!! So i was very excited! hehe.. And first time checking in via Balcony Class! :D

With my Bestie! :)

All together now! :)

 With our welcome drink! :)
*only for balcony class and above*

 Bro-mance off to a great start! :p


Teehee..I suggested them to pose for me de! :p
So cute!

After dropping off our luggages at our room, we went off to explore the ship!
Cam-whoring just got easier with Nikky & the remote control! :)

Acting as if we were playing running man! Was suppose to play the running man game planned by Bestie but we were too occupied with the various activities held on the cruise already! :p

And.. next, we have the various "Act like you strike Jackpot" posers! Vote for the best one! hahahah..

 My dearest Gwang-vatar lol! He was too hyper and started doing the robot dance lol!

 Re-enacting Titanic's scene <3

 Me me me :p

Next, we all went back to our room and changed for dinner @ Bella Vista.. poor B didn't bring a more formal shirt so he didn't change for dinner :p

*Caution: Lots of food pics ahead!* 
After dinner at Bella Vista, we also went to the Mediterranean Buffet for second round of dinner to fill our tummies to the brim. YUMS :p 

And of course, we went to the Arcade to play too! Sorry B for losing this game :( i wasn't strong enough.. *sobs*
And "Spot the difference!" :)
Then for a game of Bingo @ The Galaxy Of Stars *if i never rmb wrongly* :p
we didn't luck.. sobs

Followed by a musical @ The Lido! :)

Then, we head back to the cabin to chill again.. haha.. Changed into comfy clothes!
Cutie Flamingo Bestie brought along hehe!

Spot Duffy! :D

Nerdy Specs! >.<

Their turn! :p

Hehe.. Do we look like Duffy and Flamingo? :p

Next, we went on for our overnight Karaoke! :D Sang till 2-3am?! Hahaha.. Used part of our complimentary $100 room credit here on Karaoke! Super shiok!

We ordered Satay to share.. I also ordered Camomile Tea to soothe the throat.. I forgot the names for the other mocktails but they were all pretty yummy :p

Everyone got kinda hyper initially but "concussed" as sleepiness kicked in :p
Sing sang sung~
Please pardon all the hyper-activity from B hahaha.. Bestie and I spent most of the time cam-whoring while the guys sang :p
And i shall end off with a pic of me falling asleep..
Nite nite! XXOO

That's all for Part 1! :) Phew! What a long long fun packed day! Stay tuned for the final part of our cruise trip! :)

You can refer back to Part 2 of our trip by clicking on the link below:

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    1. Cool! Thanks for the recommendation! :D More travel posts coming up soon! Do check back again!

  2. omg the two boys are so hot~~~~~u two are lucky~~~

    1. Thank u!! ^_^ they will b so happy to hear that!

  3. A cruise travel is best shared with friends. :)