Drips Bakery Cafe & Forty Hands Coffee

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Sorry everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts recently. Have been trying to clear my work but it's never ending!!! Arghh.. everyday it just increases and increases..  Finally able to post this! My mouth hurts like mad now.. :( Just had my wisdom teeth operation yesterday and it was scary :( esp for the bottom right tooth.. I hate the drilling!! And i look like a bun now.. swollen right cheek :*(

Kk enough of ranting from me~ Here's our really backdated post on Tiong Bahru Cafe Hopping! :)

Initially we wanted to head to Tiong Bahru Bakery, left our names there for reservation and becos they told us it will take around 45mins or so, we decided to go to Drips Bakery Cafe first. :)

Check out all the pretty tarts! :p Yums!

HAHA "A balanced diet is a Cookie in each hand" :D

What we ordered! :)

Pretty yummy passionfruit, blackberry and mango tart!

Pretty teapot and glass cups :)

Check out the pretty pillows!

Would love to have these cushions at home! :)

Raspberry tart.. YUMS

Our Christmas 2012 presents exchange! :)

Lastly, another cute cushion spotted in the cafe before we left! :)

Then, we headed back to Tiong Bahru Bakery only to find out they gave our seat away and didn't even  felt apologetic about it. Wow.. Firstly, they didn't even take our hp number to inform us if there's any seats. Now, when we head back after the rough timing given, they tell us there's no more seats and that's it.  Really bad service attitude. Oh well, won't be heading there anymore then! It's their loss and not ours. :p

So we went on to Forty Hands for our 2nd round of chilling out at a cafe :)

A cuppa cappucino & mocha for us to share :)

And the truffles mushroom sandwich! YUMS *I will recommend this!* 

Truffle Fries *not really v impressive..thus far i felt that Habitat Coffee's truffle fries fared better* haha.. hoping to try the PS Cafe's fries soon one day!

Truffles overload and we ended our cafe hopping trip for the day :p
More outings with xuan and weiting soon!

Shall end off with a cute sign spotted along the way hehe! :D


Next post is coming right up! Check back soon! :)

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