Happiness :)

By 8:30 AM

Happy Mid Week peeps!

Happiness is a state of mind :D

We are always so caught up in our everyday lives that we tend to forget that happiness can be derived from the simplest, smallest things.. 

Happiness to me can be taking a pretty picture, alone time, blogging, a new top or accessory (i think most girls derive happiness from shopping too! :p), discovering something new or interesting, simply browsing through instagram and blogs, spending time with loved ones, chilling out at cafes.. and the list goes on!

It really depends on how we perceive happiness..so why not add more things to the definition of "I'm Happy"? 

Hehe.. Hope you like this quote that I saw while i was surfing the net :)

Be Happy!! :D

Next post will be up very soon! Tata~!

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