I'm back!!! :D

By 1:16 AM

Hi everyone!! :D Thousand apologies for neglecting this space for the past 2 weeks.. :( Please don't abandon my blog kk? *pretty please*
I have been really really busy with work after my Taiwan trip with ABE! Le inbox exploded to a new high again.. 300 and more.. *stressed out* hais.. #majorpostholidayblues #woesofaworkingadult

On a sidenote: The long awaited trip has successfully ended with a total count of 2900+ photos in my camera.. @_@ yikes.. so.. it will take some time to sieve out the best pics among all that I took! :p The picture in this post is one of my favourite group picture hehe..

Do follow me on instagram @chloetwl for more updated pictures! You can also search for the hashtag #abceintaiwan for my trip with my best buddies to Taiwan.. Please pardon my annoying voice in the insta-videos haha..

So... pls pls pls bear with me! I promise one proper post by this week! >.<  I know i have tons of backlog of blogposts pending.. but I do not want to do a sloppy job and produce a lousy blogpost..so give me a few more days kk? :) 

In the meantime.. here's a 50% Dominos pizza discount code for all of you! :D
Simply quote "BLG82" and you will be able to get 50% off all pizzas irregardless of the size! Awesome right? :D

Will provide more pictures and details of the pizza offer in the upcoming blogpost! Do bear with me for a while more!

Take care! XXOO! Good night everyone! :)

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