Bintan Escapade with B

By 1:53 PM

Thousand apologies for neglecting this space of mine for quite a while.. Work has really been quite overwhelming.. :( and luck is not on my side. Before I lose more blog readers, here are pictures from my recent Bintan Escapade with B! :D

I have lots of other backlog of pictures and events to blog about but.. I can't help but post these pictures first! :p

I will be blogging a more detailed post on our short vacation at Bintan Lagoon Resort soon, but in the meantime, here are my favourite snapshots from our trip!

I shall let the pictures do the talking~ Enjoy! :D

B stole my nutella biscuit! >.<


 "I want to steal this moment from my life, store and preserve it in my memory to make it last till forever.. till eternity."

My standard jumpshot picture! Lol! 

A much needed short break from the hectic work life~ Now it's back to reality and time to work hard! More vacations soon..hopefully! :D

Will work for travel!! Hehe~! More blogposts coming right up! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Omg your pictures are all damn nice eh!! The colour is so rich and vibrant! (: You & ben damn sweet also!!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments babe! :D You & your bf also v sweet! We must learn from u two too! <3