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Hello everyone! :D With the upcoming long weekends this week, I have a great deal for all of you! 
I know i should have shared about this deal last month but I've been super duper busy, so thousand apologies about sharing this deal late.. oopsy!

50% off all Domino's Pizzas!!!
Simply use the discount code: BLG82

Finally got my pictures sorted out and I can't wait to show you the Dominos Pizza Party that I was invited to attend! Thank you omy.sg for the invite! :D

Firstly, i'm sure many of you have heard about Domino's Pizza like me, but have you tried their pizzas before? :) 

I finally got to try the yummy pizzas from Dominos for the first time!! Here's the best chance to try out Domino's pizza for yourself with this fantastic 50% offer!! It's too good to be true!! Good things must definitely share!!! Please grab the offer before it ends on 27 August 2013! :D

*More details below!*

Let me tempt you with pictures of the yummy pizzas first! :D
 Check out this 15 mins take away guarantee! Wow! Efficient service guaranteed! :D
 First up, we have Diavola Beef!
Topped with ground beef, red capsicum, onion, red pepper flakes and oregano on Napolitana sauce~
And this is Portofino Prawn!
Topped with cherry tomatoes, succulent prawns, feta cheese, belgian spinach, onions and Napolitana sauce~

PS: This was a hot favourite among the bloggers! :D
Check out the whole row of pizzas all waiting to go into our tummies!! YUM YUM!!!
And next, we have Meatasaurus!
Topped with beef pepperoni, ground beef, fresh mushrooms and Domino's new blended smoky BBQ sauce :D

The perfect pizza for carnivores lol!
This is one of my favourites from the pizza party! It's called the Basilico Chicken!
Topped with roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, mushroom, onions and pesto sauce~

YUMMY!!!! Must try!! :D Highly raved among all of us!
And if I recall correctly, this was the Ultimate Hawaiian!
For the hawaiian pizza lovers! Topped with loads of roasted chicken, shredded chicken, juicy pineapples and fresh mushrooms! Love the cheesy!! Super cheesy = YUMS!
Lastly, another of my favourites for the night! And an ultimate favourite among everyone around me! MUST TRY!!!!

Classified Chicken with Domino's Top Secret Sauce! :D
Topped with smoked chicken breast meat, onions and mushrooms! YUMMY! I'm salivating as I type out this post lol!

Besides Domino's pizzas, we also got to try out the scrumptious sides that they have!
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings 
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original) 
Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Tom Yam)

This is a MUST ORDER item from the menu! I love the Tom Yam chicken crunchies! So so yummy!! If you love spicy food like me, order this! It even comes with a yummy cheesy sauce! :D

And the Golden Roasted Drummets! :) YUMMY too! 

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Domino's Pizza offers desserts too!
One of the delectable sweet treats they offered us to try was the Chocolate Lava cake!! :D

Packed in a cute box with spoon provided!
OoOoh.. Check out the oozing chocolate sauce!! YUMS! Must try this when you are ordering from Domino's Pizza! But i will advise you to share it becos the portion is enough for two! (in my opinion) :D
Did you also know that Domino's Pizza also has a 'GPS Tracker' where you can keep track of your food order status? :D Amazing right? 

And there's more plus points to ordering pizzas from Domino's!
1. 30 Mins Delivery Guarantee! 15 Mins Takeout Guarantee!
2. Product Satisfaction Guarantee!
3. Free Delivery!!! :D
4. Nett Pricing!

So what are you waiting for? Order some Domino's pizzas to try right now! :D A very good option to consider for the upcoming long weekends! 

Here are the different sizes, pizza crusts and pizza sauces available! :D I personally recommend the cheese burst crust! I'm an ultimate cheese lover lol!

You can order via Domino's App or via online! :D

Check out the simple steps below on redeeming the discount code: BLG82
Remember to key in BLG82 to redeem 50% off all Domino's Pizzas! :D

This offer is valid from now till 27 August 2013! :) Order your pizzas now!!!

And what is a pizza party without cute photo props for phototaking? :D

Met these two cute girls at the party too! @sihuilow & @jforjuline 
Nice meeting you all! :) Hope to meet you all at more blogger's events! Hehe!

We took pictures with the store manager too! Hehe!

And presenting to you some of the winners from the last Domino's blogger contest!

Hopefully I get to win a prize in this round's inter-blogger contest! So.. support me by using the discount code: BLG82 when ordering your Domino's Pizzas! :D Thanks alot in advance hehe!

With all the fellow bloggers who attended the pizza party! :D

That's all for now! Will be back with more blogposts soon! Stay tuned!! :D

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