Journey into the Norwegian Fjordland

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Day-dreaming of the next holiday destination when I thought of my Scandinavia travelogue that is not updated fully.. :p Time to settle my wanderlust mood with these pictures for now!

Today's travel post is one of the most scenic portion of my entire 2012 Scandinavia trip! :D

Bringing to you pictures of our journey into the depth of the Norwegian Fjordlands, one of the prettiest place I have seen so far! It's a wonderful place filled with soaring mountains, icy glaciers and rivers.. Simply magnificent~ Almost any picture taken would be postcard scenery.. *in my opinion :p* Of course, do pardon my amateur photography skills as I feel that they don't do justice to the pretty scenery.. Would love to head there again one day with my tripod in hand and lots of free and easy time to take even more photos! *daydreams*
Rise & shine and it was time to journey into the beautiful Norwegian Fjordland!

Check out those clouds! As if you could grab some and stuff it into your pockets! :D LOL! 
*i'm just exaggerating*

On board a ferry that transports the whole coach bus and other vehicles towards Stryn :) This municipality is located along the innermost part of the Nordfjord. And we are on our way to visit the famous glacier Briksdalsbreen :)

The prettiest ferry crossing ride in the entire trip, in my opinion hehe :p Just look at the scenery ahead! Magical feeling :D

I was surprised I could capture this scenery! Esp when our coach bus was zooming past! All thanks to Nikky! :D Love love love the mirrored image of the pretty houses!

Mirrored image of the quaint town :)

This is one of my favourite pictures! Love the red little house at the bottom left hand corner and it's contrast to the entire scenery.. Simply breathtaking~! In addition, do also spot the mirroring fjords! <3 If only we could make a photo stop at this spot..

 And the mountain goats spotted along the way! 

Another one of my favourite pics! :D

And we have finally arrived at Briksdalsbreen! :D

Nice place to have a cup of coffee and simply admire the scenery!

 But.. it was too sunny, yet cold! Hence, indoors was the preferred choice lol! :D So pretty right?

Filling up our tummies before heading for the troll car ride! :)

So excited to see the glacier with my own eyes!! >.<

 Even random flowers looks so pretty! :p

Check out the scenery behind me hehe!
And the entire row of troll cars bringing us to the Briksdal Glacier! *soo exciting!*

Are you ready to follow me on our troll car ride for an up close photo opportunity with the Briksdal Glacier? :D

Next post on the Briksdal Glacier coming right up! Stay tuned!! 

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