Bonjour! Welcome to Celio!

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{Bonjour! Welcome to Celio*!}

Last Saturday, B & I visited this new shop at Plaza Singapura to shop for some new clothes! Have you heard about this brand? 

"Celio was founded in 1985 in Paris, France and has 1000 over stores in over 60 countries all over the world. They focus mainly on decoding trends into simple wearable pieces that can be worn daily by the young urban male."

This new Celio* outlet is located at the new extension of Plaza Sing #03-41.

 You would have spotted this summer showcase display right at the entrance of PS near Starhub and Four Fingers Restaurant :) Being the shopaholics we are, B & I headed straight up to the shop to take a look!

Once we entered the store, we were greeted by the friendly shop assistants and the wide range of clothes in the store. The summer 2013 collection is full of bright prints ranging from tees, shirts, bermudas, pants, shoes and many other accessories.  

Unfortunately, this brand only caters to the men.. No shopping for me, so B was secretly happy hahaha.. He was happily picking out clothes to try, check out the pic below!

And B grabbed this Mustard colour pants to try as well! :)

They even have shoes for sale! I thought this pair of shoes looked quite nice! :)

Shirts in stripes, checkered design and even polka dots~
They also cater a section for smarter looking shirts for work and presentations.

Clothes galore! Perfect for guys who are shopaholics too! :p Prices are quite affordable/reasonable too, ranging from $24.90 for tee shirts etc to $69.90 for pullovers, shirts etc.. Not exactly very cheap in my opinion but still affordable for guy's clothes haha.. There are not many nice & affordable menswear options in Singapore, so we were very happy when we stepped into Celio and were not turned off by the price lol! 

What's more, I have a special promotion to share with my readers at the end of this post! Do read on! :)

 More shoes which i spotted in the shop :) I was showing B this pair of black shoes with cobalt blue design, quite nice right? Easy to match and good to have for everyday wear!

I asked B to try on some of the tee shirts that I picked from the racks! :)
First up, an orange/coral shirt matched with a checkered bermudas that comes with a free bright orange belt.. [Perfect for a beach getaway]

Horizontal stripy shirt with mustard pants [Perfect for a day out shopping in town]

Tee Shirts and more teee shirts haha.. Only $24.90 now! *Minimum two pieces* Do check it out! :D

Next up, I got B to try on some shirts too! :)

A white shirt with the pair of mustard pants [Perfect for a dinner date]

Lol! That's me being B's photographer for the day haha.. I think this white shirt was a bit small for B's shoulders becos I took one size smaller :x *blur me*

And a blue shirt that B picked. Did you realise how versatile that pair of mustard pants was? :) B loved it!

While slowpoke B was changing in the changing room, I spotted this bag on the mannequin! Quite cool right? Gives you the rugged feel. Perfect for students like B! <3 

 Apart from bags and shoes, you can also find straw hats, scarves and belts at Celio* to style your entire outfit! :) Very convenient isn't it? Especially for guys who prefer a fuss free shopping experience!

Love that preppy outfit on the right! Should have asked B to try it out too.. lol! Oh! And do you spot that grey windbreaker? It's one of the new arrivals under the Summer'13 series and is one of the tech sportswear if I'm not mistaken :) So suave looking! 
After looking around the store, I found this really cute pullover for B and we love it!

The horizontal stripes made B look more macho lol! And is perfect for school! Especially when he has to spend most of his time in school soon.. Goes well with the mustard pants too right? :)
And we settled for this entire outfit! My cute looking B hahaha.. Bought this grey pullover and mustard pants in the end! <3 

Oh ya! Forgot to mention about the different printed boxers available too! Perfect for the iron man fans lol!

By the way, Celio* also provides alteration services for the pants as well! B altered his mustard colour pants at an additional charge of $4, and collected it one week after! :) 

Happy B with his purchases for the day! :D

Special thanks to Celio* and for the invite & vouchers!

You can bring your boyfriend/ brother or even buy a gift for your guy friends from Celio*! 

Here's a special promo specially for my readers:

Simply quote "Omy Bloggers" at the Plaza Singapura outlet to receive 10% off regular-priced merchandise! 

Offer valid from now till 31 Aug 13!

Do spread the word and visit the Celio* Plaza Sing outlet and summer showcase today! :D

Thanks for reading!! Will be updating the next post soon! Stay tuned!

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