The Beautiful Briksdal Glacier

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Hi everyone! it's the weekends's sunday already.. *Sobs* Pre-monday blues~ Currently lazing in bed and dreaming of the next dream holiday destination.. hehe! In the meantime, i shall fill this space with some wanderlust pictures! 

Let me bring you through our troll car ride to get up close to the Briksdal Glacier, as promised! :D The scenery was so pretty I just kept snapping photos non stop.. *I'm not exaggerating!* 

This is part 2 where we travel deeper into the Jostedal Glacier National Park to view the beautiful Briksdal Glacier! Woohoo! 1 more item off my bucket list! :D
That's the mini troll car bringing you super close to the pretty waterfalls..
Now i'm kinda wishing I had more time to spend at the Jostedal Glacier National Park :/ if given a chance again, I would love to make the journey on foot and take even more pretty pictures with such a picturesque backdrop!

Moving on~ Do you spot the glacier already? :D

I just kept snapping pictures non stop lol!
And when we reached the pitstop for the troll ride, we had to make our way on foot to get even closer to the glacier! :) (Comfy walking shoes recommended!)

There were a lot of signboards along the way :) Stating the glacier positions in different years.. *it was kinda saddening though to realise how little of the glacier is left as we journey closer to the glacier :(* i guess we will have to step up on the environmental efforts! #fighting!

The sky was too blue to be true! #toopretty
And we are here!! :D So pretty! I think my pictures don't do justice to the magnificent glacier >.<

And here i am! It's an obligatory "I was here" picture! LOL!
The wind was really strong and the sun was really glaring, thank goodness I had my sunnies with me :)
Sorry for spamming but it's really hard to get a picture with no one else photobombing you.. haha.. but my sis succeeded! Woohoo! #ilooklikealionhere lol!

And we went to stack some rocks like the Koreans do, to wish for good fortune for us and our families! :)
And.. to feel the cool icy glacier water that has melted from the glacier..which flows down the mountains! Muahahaha.. should have brought a bottle to scoop up some glacier water :p #justkidding
My only regret was not venturing closer to the glacier as the little kids in my tour group did :( I should have done so right? :p
Oh well.. at least these set of pictures brings back wonderful memories! :)
Perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.. A pity.. everyone was too cold to help me to take a decent photo here :( *sobs*
If only i could take a picture here with this backdrop! *sobs* #toopretty
The journey back seems faster than expected and the windy yet cozy troll car ride is coming to an end..

The last waterfall on the way down :(
That marks the end of our journey to view the beautiful Briksdal Glacier and spot our troll car driver on the postcard! *I guess he must be very experienced since he was selected to appear on the postcard* :p #luckyus 

I would highly recommend the troll car ride as it is an unique experience but at the same time I would also prefer to journey on foot to the glacier so that I can slowly take in the beautiful natural sights along the way. Not too sure if there is the option to take a one way troll car ride and journey back on foot to get the best of both options hehe.. Oh well.. I didn't have much of a choice as I went on a tour and time was limited so the troll car ride was chosen to save time! :)

So.. for those travelling to the Briksdal Glacier on a free and easy trip, do consider my suggestion! 

Super cute ice cream that is shaped like a boat after we ended the troll car ride :) YUM! Eating ice cream in the cold weather is simply great! No ice cream dripping down your hands as quickly, slowly enjoying the sweet treat!

I hope you like my blog entry on the beautiful Briksdal Glacier! So thankful I got the chance to visit this beautiful nature's creation before it disappears #stillinawe #thankful #savetheearth . All the go-green thoughts and environmentally friendly thoughts overwhelm me each time I see the pictures of the magnificent glacier..


Moving on!! After the journey to the beautiful glacier, we were heading to the famous Serpertine Road, en-route to Geiranger where we will be spending the night in a hotel with the beautiful senery overlooking the Geiranger Fjords.
I was sleeping on the coach when the tour guide woke us up.. Guess what? I just gasped in awe when I saw the scenery outside!!
Winter Wonderland!!! :D
One of my favourite pictures captured through the coach's window! Reflection of the blue blue sky on the pretty winter wonderland! Love it! :D

And guess what? Our tour guide and cute driver arranged for a photo stop! :D YAY!!!

If only I had a cup of hot chocolate at that moment, I could simply sit there and chillax lol! :p
And the picture which everyone thinks the background is fake! Nope it's not! It's au natural, it's just that the sky is too blue to be true!!! :D

Simply awesome! Spot the stream of water that is blue in the picture! I bet the water is even purer or cleaner than the Evian water you buy in supermarkets! :p 
And we could not sleep anymore on the coach with all the excitement going on! It's like national geographic channel live when you peer out of the coach's windows! :p 
And many more winding roads ahead!
Thank goodness for our very experienced driver! :D
More streams of water flowing down from the snow melting at the top of the mountain :)
And.. tadaaaa! Spot the place with the cruise and buildings, that's our hotel for the night! :D
More on our stay at the hotel in the next Scandinavia Travels post! :D Do stay tuned!
Thanks for reading!

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