New Look A/W 2013 Preview :D

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Hello everyone! Apologies for the late post! Was having some problems trying to upload this post and the Laneige post as well.. Argh.. :( 

But anyway.. here it is! Finally uploaded! :D I was so excited to receive the invite for the New Look Autumn Winter 2013 preview! Went down to the Suntec outlet which was HUGE!!! Perfect for shopaholics like me! Haha..

Psst! Please read on till the end of this post! I have a good deal to share with my readers!! :D

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this brand "New Look" and would have probably at least bought an item or two from this shop! :) Do you know that New Look is currently the 2nd largest retailer in the UK women's clothing and accessories? New Look emphasises on translating the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets. There will always be weekly new arrivals in stores! Are you excited to find out more about the latest trends for the new season? :)

*cues: YES!!!* Lol!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the 3 main theme for the AW'13 collection:

First up, we have the New Model Army look! 

So what is the new model army about? It is actually presenting fashion in a casual off duty style, with a premium edge. Main source of inspiration is take from the New York Fashion week. Main feature of this style would be the leather details, zips and animal prints! :)

Some examples listed below! Have you spotted any that you fancy? I did! :D Love the leather jacket!!

A must have item recommended by the new look stylist was the asymmetrical leather skirt! :) I really love it! Hope to bag the skirt home when it is in stores! :D

Check out how versatile this style can get by simply swapping the black skirt with a pair of jeans for an off duty supermodel feel :D

Next, we have the Baboushka style! :D So what is the Baboushka style? *quite a mouthful to pronounce this haha*

It is actually about the folkish flair and rustic Russian Charm :) Check out the pretty pieces!! Think about russian dolls, intricate prints and the boho feel~

Here are some of the nice pieces I spotted in the New Look store!
The focus is on Tapestry Florals, inspirations taken from Paris Fashion Week :) Apart from Tapestry florals, Baboushka style also comprise of Russian Glamour which comprises of embroidered lace accents and russian influenced motifs~
The recommended must have item is a Tapestry dress like the one shown below! :) I love this combi with a striking necklace and an oh-so-pretty knit cardigan perfect for the rainy weather recently!

You can even pair a floral printed top with a green outerwear and patterned tights for more details added to your outfit! :)

Lastly, we have the Grunge style! We will be exploring a feminine twist to the rebel style of the 90's Grunge :) So many pretty pieces again! Are you excited?? :D The focus is more on dark blooms and tartan prints.. Love the tartan printed tops! Gives you the preppy yet edgy feel!

Check out these dungarees in store! 50% sale! *gasp* I am so going to head back to New Look to check them out! :D

And this nice tartan printed top which I've spotted! :)
To achieve the grunge look, you can simply pair your jeans with a band tee and tie a tartan printed shirt around your waist. Effortlessly chic! :D

Or you could simply pair a tartan wrap top with dungarees and you are good to go! :D

To make your outfit even more in sync with the grunge theme, you could even pair a pair of tartan printed shoes with the top and dungarees! :) a daring combination for the fashionista :p


So which is your favourite style? The Baboushka style? New Model Army look? or the Grunge style? I would love to hear from you! Do drop me a comment on your favourite style! <3


And lastly, some styling tips for the Autumn season in sg!
1. Lose the bulk
2.Layer with thin garments
3. Pick sleeveless tops for layering

An example shown would be this:
Pairing a cardigan with a sleeveless top and a lightweight scarf for the autumn look in sunny Singapore! :) Or you could pick out cardigans with more peek a boo details like the navy blue cardi in the background! Really love the details on that cardigan! *so tempted to get it!*

Moving on~! After listening to the very helpful styling tips, we were split into teams of three's for a styling challenge to win New Look vouchers! :)
My pretty teammates for the styling challenge! With May and Venice! <3
So happy to have met them! They were really nice! :) 

Our interpretation for the styling challenge:
I guess you can tell what is our theme given just by looking at the accessories which we have lugged! :p

Yup and it is the New Model Army look! :D
Pretty Venice in the coral blazer which had all 3 of us going gaga over it! And the sleeveless tiger printed tee with a white sleeveless collar top inside. And a black zipper skirt as well as colour blocking with the clutch & pretty heels! An outfit appropriate to bring her to work, shopping or a date with her girlfriends! :) To make the entire outfit more causal, she can simply swap her heels for sneaker wedges and swap the skirt for a pair of denim jeans. :) A very versatile outfit that made the 3 of us very pleased with it! :p

And showing you what some of the other teams have come up with:
Baboushka style.. Really love the look on Elieen where the team put together two printed top and bottom which goes really well! <3 The model was really pretty too! She looked like she just walked out of a fashion show.. haha..
And this was another team with the new model army look :)
And Celine, Cynthia & Ying Zi with their Baboushka theme. Love the midi length skirt on Celine! Very pretty!!Would love to try wearing a skirt of that length one day! Hopefully this style would suit me too! :p

Another two more teams with the Baboushka style! :) 

Love how this team clashed two different prints- the cardigan and the top, yet it matches prettily! :D And that statement necklace which pulls the entire outfit together! *thumbs up!*

All the pretty models from the 10 teams!
And the winning team is.... 
Eileen's team!! *Congrats!!* :D
Really love how they style her outfit! 

And time for nom nom after the styling competition! :)
Thank you New Look for the yummy refreshments! Love the pretty strawberry tarts and the cheese brownie!

And it's shopping time! :D
Celine & I both had our eyes set on these heels from the start of the event! So we excitedly went to try them on once the event has ended hehe..
Really love the black one! Should i?? :D

Time to exercise more.. argh.. my legs looks really flabby :(
Should we buy it?? :D

The heels section are really tempting! All the pretty heels!! Arghh.. this is bad for my pocket!

One more picture with the pair of heels for me to ponder over it at home! Shall put in more rational thinking like what Edelyn always reminds me when we were in Taiwan! :) 

Anyway, i'm ending off with a group picture with all the girls who attended this event!
Thank you New Look & Omy for the invite! :)

Thanks for reading! And as promised, here's the good deal that I was talking about:

Simply quote "Omy bloggers" at New Look stores and receive a 10% discount off regular priced items!! :D

*Promo code valid till 30 Sep'13*

Do head down to the New Look stores now and check out the new arrivals in stores!

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