Laneige's New Silk Intense Lipstick colours & Art Play Liners [Review]

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As promised in my previous blogpost, here are the new products from Laneige!! :D :D :D
Are you excited?? :D Laneige's new Silk Intense Lipstick colours are now launched in stores! 6 new shades for pretty pouty looking lips! :p

To me, one of the essential makeup items to looking good would be the lipstick! :D I look so ghastly without any lipstick arghh.. Does anyone feel the same way as me? Are you tired of using the same shade of pink lipstick over and over again? Fret not! Here's Laneige coming to our rescue with 6 new shades of colours to choose from! 

Looks good right?? :D All the colours looks so pretty!!! And i got the colour that I wanted to try out! :p Have been purchasing colours that gives off a subtle hint of pink hehe.. so now I would like to try out a shade of pink that is bolder and more striking! Can you guess which shade I got?


Yup! It's LR 207 Clubbing! :D The colour is so different from the other lipsticks that I own! Striking pink! And the name is so cute! Haha.. and most of all.. i love how the lipsticks glides on my lips smoothly and is so moisturising unlike some of the other lipsticks I own :) Given that I have dry lips, the most important thing I look for in lipsticks would be the moisturising factor! You wouldn't want your lips to look as if it's in patches of pink due to your dry lips.. No matter how pretty the colour may be, it would be so hard to apply if you have chapped lips.

Very happy with the new silk intense lipstick colour received! :) Thank you Laneige!!

Next up, another new product range that Laneige would be launching in November would be the Artplay Waterproof Liner!! :D I reckon that this would be a big hit when it is launched! Check out the pretty colours! :)

It's dual side so it's a really good deal! 2 shades of eyeliner for the price of one! And it's so easy to carry around 2 shades of eyeliner to transform your professional executive look to a happy hour/ after work casual look! :) In addition, the eyeliners are waterproof and sweat resistant so you can use it even during beach vacations! Teehee~!

Here are the 6 shades of colours that would be launched :) So which is your favourite shade of eyeliner?

And guess which shade I got from Laneige? :) Shade No. 2! Sparkling Brown & Real Brown <3 Yipee!! Favourite brown eyeliner and now with sparkly colours woohoo!!!

Here's my take on the new art play liner from Laneige! :) I need more practise haha.. Tried a wing-ed eyeliner look but not very good at it yet :x Added slight sparkling brown for the shimmery look but I think you can't really see from this picture :( Sorry! I promise a better eye make up photo in future!

Anyway, if you are not sure which shade of eyeliner you should get, do refer to this guide below :D :

No.1: "Edgy Black & StarNight Black" dual colours for a dramatic & glamorous look
No. 2: "Sparkling brown & real brown" dual colours to create elaborate & vivid lines
No. 3: "Snow White & Sherbert Pink" dual colours to create sparkling eyes
No. 4: "Turquoise Blue & Navy unlimited" dual colours to create edgy eye makeup
No. 5: "Real purple & Ideal Silver" dual colours to give a mysterious look.
No. 6: "Forever Khaki & Deep Green" dual colours to line or layer the eyeshadow

I hope this helps you with making your choice on which shade to purchase! :)
I would love to purchase shade No. 3: "Snow White & Sherbert Pink" once it is released! Need to make my eyes look more sparkly hehehe~

So head down to any Laneige counters or stores to try out the lipsticks now! And look forward to the art play liners that would be launched! :D

Thanks for reading! I'm prepping the next post now! Do check back again soon! <3

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  1. Hello there! May I ask, is the lipstick waterproof and long lasting?

    1. Hello there! :) No, the lipstick is not waterproof but it's pretty long lasting based on my experience :) Hope this helps!