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Hello September! 
Sorry everyone for the delay in updates because it was my birthday week and work was (and is still) piling up continuously~ Please pardon me! >.<

Without further ado, let me show you the pretty Ma Cherie X Majolica Majorca event that I attended a few weeks ago!
I was thrilled when I received the invitation! Especially when the card is personalised with your own picture! :D #narcissismstrikes

The event was held at Mu Parlour @ Holland V specially for the Majolica Majorca Chapter 38- Fantastic Fantasy  & Ma Cherie Autumn Launch 2013! <3

The really pretty personalised invitation card! how i wish I could bring it home :( *sobs* shall elaborate more later haha..

The whole place was really well decorated with hanging tarot cards, life sized props and quirky furnishings! Really pretty! :D

Majolica Majorca Chapter 38- Fantastic Fantasy 
Autumn 2013 trend consists of rich and fun colours associated with the 'baroque' theme, where emphasis has been placed on the corner and width of the eyes to emulate a 'cat-eye effect'.  
And this was one of the game stations which I took part in :D We had to peek into the box and guess how many mascaras and little humming books are placed inside! The game was pretty tricky though haha.. I counted wrongly for the number of mascaras inside the box :x

There was also another game station which features crossword puzzles related to the products...but I didn't try that :p

Psst! These two items are the newly launched products :) Do read on for more details!

And the highlights for the Majolica Majorca Launch: The newly released Lash Expander Edge Meister F, $25.90

It's a film type black mascara which contains 4mm jet black long fibers and a liquid lengthening base that provides a stronger curl on your lashes. Furthermore, this mascara provides ease of removal with the use of warm water! :) *saves money on eye makeup remover* In addition, this mascara comes with Majolica Majorca's signature duo comb that reaches even the shortest of your lashes.

This formulation also contains gentle treatment ingredients such as Vitamin E derivatives and Macadamia Nut oil to pamper your lashes! *Another plus point to buy this mascara! Pampers your lashes and achieve pretty lashes all in one! :D

Here's a summary!


Another highlight for the Majolica Majorca Chapter 38 Launch would be: The Little Humming Book III $25.90 which is a make up palette with 1 eye cream base, 2 eye shadow colours and 1 lip gloss colour.

There was a booth where the Majolica Majorca make up artist helped me to apply the new eyeshadow colours from this newly launched make up palette! :)

 Photo credits to Gwen! :D Thanks dear!

 This was how the eyeshadow colours turned out to be! :) Something different from the usual neutral colours, a refreshing change! <3 Do give it a try! The colours are quite versatile and you won't look too weird with it as long as your outfit has a hint of red/pink colour in it! :D

Ma Chérie Autumn Launch 2013

Next up, let me show you the pretty Ma Cherie products that were shown for the Autumn Launch! :D So.. you might be wondering, what does Ma Chérie means? It actually means "my sweetheart" in French and it is a brand which specialises in hair care products to pamper your tresses!

Check out all the pretty pink bottles! So so pretty!!! :D Prettiest hair products packaging so far! #biasedtowardsanythingpink :p

There will be 6 out-of-bath treatment and styling Ma Cherie products launched in selected Watsons stores! Price ranging from $16.90 to $17.90 :) 

So what is so different about Ma Cherie products from the other brands of hair care series? :) All of Ma Cherie's products contains Champagne Honey Gelee which is the core ingredient and it helps to trap moisture to tame flyaway hair, thus leaving it silky smooth. And smells really good!!!

There was a live demonstration on two bloggers at the start of the event, followed by a very pretty styling booth where a Ma Cherie hair stylist will help you to style your hair! :D *if only i discovered this booth earlier haha*
Such pretty curls! so envious! :p 

It's ok! I'm sure I can try to attempt curling my hair with this new Ma Cherie product I got from this mystery magic machine! :D

My turn! Dropped in my invitation card and voila~ you get a Ma Cherie product! :D

Sobs* the "Machine" refuses to return us our invitation cards haha.. Heard some other bloggers asking the mystery box to return them their cards but it was a "no no".. Should have koped my card from those tarot cards hanging across the walls hehe.. :p

And I got a curl set lotion! :D Perfect for days when I would like to curl my hair as this lotion can protect my hair from getting damaged! Smells awesome too! 
Happy girls with our freebie! :D
Not forgetting this pretty dessert area!

Super cute cakes but we didn't eat much.. was too busy taking photos haha..

And as mentioned, one of my favourite part of attending the event! :D photo taking with the life sized props! hehehe.. so glad that I've met Cynthia, Alene & Gwen at the event and had so much fun taking pics with them!

Photo credits to Gwen :)

Not forgetting Gin whom I met at the event too! :) It's great to spot familiar faces at such events! :D

Last but not least, Hervelvetvase was also one of the sponsors for the goodie bags! *so happy because HVV is one of my favourite blogshops!*
Check out the pretty ensemble they had chose for this event! love the grey skirt!!! >.< A pity I didn't manage to get that for my goodie bag :( But it's ok! I got the silver clutch which is really pretty too!

More pictures of the goodie bag below!

I was so happy to discover the Lash Expander Meister mascara in the goodie bag! Perfect replacement as I'm finishing my last Majolica Majorca Mascara - Lash King :p

Furthermore, we were given another Ma Chérie product too! The End Cure Milk for intensive repair of tip of our hair :D To repair any split ends that you might have! *so happy to receive this as my hair is getting more and more dry as it gets longer & longer* lol!

And special thanks to HVV for the pretty silver clutch, notebooks and the strawberry measuring tape (not pictured)! Happy happy day! :D

Special thanks to DSPG, Ma Chérie, Majolica Majorca as well as HVV for the invite to such a fun event and the wonderful products! :D

Do check out Watsons now and grab those products before they are sold out! Gogogo!!

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    1. Hi :) Sure, as long as you credit the photo back to me :) Thanks!