Laneige Bb Cushion Party! :D

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Hello everyone! :D I'm back with more updates! Apologies for the delay for this post! I have just received the photos taken by the event's professional photographer and was trying to replace some of my poorly taken pictures so it took quite a while hehe.. Those pictures with the "Laneige" watermark are from the professional photographer hehe!

Moving on! Firstly, thank you Laneige once again for inviting me to such a fun event! :D I was so excited to see Song Joong Ki welcoming us at the entrance haha.. 

And the Bb Cushion Party was held at My Art Space @ The Istana :) Pretty convenient, located very near to Dhoby Ghaut Mrt Station.

Check out their cute menu!! :D Would love to head back to their cafe another day! 

Yummy refreshments prepared for us! :p Nom nom nom!

And our main event for the day! All the pretty embellishments to bling up our BB Cushions! That was what I thought~ haha.. but it was something even more interesting!

Check out the samples! So pretty right? :D There's a chance for you to own a personalised BB cushion too! *read on for more details!*

And tadaaa~! Apart from the BB cushion DIY kit,  Laneige is also launching new art liners and new shades of colours for their famous silk intense lipsticks! I will be elaborating these in my upcoming blogpost! Check out the colours here! Really pretty! And the names for the lipsticks are really cute too! :p

Do you spot their names? More on these new products in my next post! :) Decided to split them up or this post would have been too lengthy! :x

Thank you Melissa for the introduction of the new product launches & Tina for the make up demonstration on Shan shan :) Learnt new tips and refreshed my mind on the tips learnt from the previous workshop hehe! :p

Bling bling with my Craftholic inspired rabbit nail! :D

Guess what we will be doing? :D Yes we will be painting!! We will be coming up with paintings to represent the 5 benefits of Laneige's BB cushion~ Time to rack our brains and bring out the creative side in us haha.. Unfortunately, poor me has very boring ideas lol! When you see my painting, you will understand -_-''' I tried my best already! >.<

And the 5 benefits of the Laneige BB Cushion are:
1.Soothing Effect
2. Brightening
3.SPF 50 + PA+++
4. Sweatproof
5. Skin Tone Correction

Time to get our brushes & acrylic paint and get to work! :)

Everyone was hard at work! :D Spot me!

 And here's Anna the artist! So professional right? :D Mine pales in comparison -_-'''

Tris' masterpiece! Very pretty too!! :D

More masterpieces from the rest of the girls~

Presentation time! :)

Yup! And this is my painting! The float is suppose to represent the BB cushion as it is suitable even for outdoor activities when you head to the beach.. Provides SPF protection & cooling effect which is signified by the sunglasses and lopsided umbrella. Not forgetting the hydration effect represented by the glass of water :p Hehe.. Kiddy but painting was really therapeutic! Enjoyed myself throughly! And thank u Shan Shan for being my painting buddy listening to me 'sigh', 'talk to myself' and kept asking you for ideas hahaha.. 

More pretty looking paintings from the other girls!

And the winner of the painting challenge was Anna!! :D Her painting was really nicely done up and depicts the benefits of the BB cushion really well! *Thumbs up* Congrats Anna! :)

More pictures from the professional photographer! :)

Thank you Laneige & My Art Space for such an enjoyable & fun party! It was really therapeutic to pick up a paint brush and simply create a kiddy drawing hehe.. Good for the soul! Hope to attend such painting sessions again soon!


Please keep on reading! :D I'm going to show you the latest add-on to the Laneige BB cushion! But before i going into further details, here's some good news for ladies with darker skin tone, there's a new shade of BB Cushion in #33 launched at the Sephora stores! Do check it out! :D

Have you thought of having a personalised BB Cushion? :D Now you can!!! Simply drop by any Sephora outlets from now till 2 Oct'13 and purchase your Laneige Bb Cushion to receive a complimentary DIY kit!  Woohoo! Sounds like a pretty good deal! 

Check out what the DIY Kit contains! :D All the pretty embellishments and essential tools to produce your pretty personalised bb cushion! You need not use all of the embellishments, good to keep to personalise your other make up items or any other things :)

And trust me! The crystals are not those cheapo crystals, they are good quality ones! Really bright and shiny in real life! :D 

Work in progress hehe.. My theme for the BB cushion is "Follow your heart" :)

I would suggest positioning your crystals to test it out first before applying the glue onto it~

Slowly sticking bit by bit~
And tadaaa!! My masterpiece hehe! 

Do what you love, love what you do. Simply follow your heart <3

Check out my name at the side of the BB Cushion hehe.. You can decorate all over the BB Cushion! :) Don't limit your creativity to only the top of the BB Cushion :p 

I'm so happy with my personalised BB Cushion, i can't help but flaunt it in front of my bf hahaha.. Poor B lol!

So what are you waiting for? :) Head on down to Sephora stores to get your BB Cushion and decorate it! Do enter the BB Design Contest by uploading your designs onto:

Hope you get to be one of the 3 winners to take home a Laneige hamper worth $300 each! :D

Here are some of the terms & conditions to note:
*Max 2 Submissions per customer
*70% of material has to be from the DIY kit
*Winners must present the BB Cushion proof of receipt from Sephora Singapore during 5 Sep to 2 Oct 13.

So hop on down to Sephora now and grab your BB Cushion + free DIY kits! :) I can't wait to view the designs for the competition! Do drop me a comment if you have any queries <3


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  1. Hi Chloe! May I know where u download the professional photos from? Many thanks!

    1. Hello Caiyun! :) I got the photographers photos from Lynda's email, did u receive it? Maybe it went into your junk folder?:)