L'Oreal Brow Designers x Le Matte Lip Crayon Pen

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Hi loves! 
I'm back with awesome L'Oreal makeup goodies to share with you! 
Never underestimate the power of our eyebrows, it's the one thing i can never live without as our brows frames our face hehe!

Meet the 3 new shades for the Brow Designer 3-in-1 (S$21.90)!! It's really one of the best inventions ever~
It's your pencil, powder & brush all in 1 woohoo!

And good news! They have 5 shades now to match the different hair colours you might have.

#01 Dark Brown
#02 Light Brown
#03 Burgundy Brown [NEW]
#04 Caramel Amber [NEW]
#05 Grey Atelier [NEW]

3 Simple Steps to style your brows:
  1. Simply define your brow arch and shape with the pencil liner.
  2. Fill in and intensify the look with the powder.
  3. Finish off with the soft spooley brush to soften and add texture to your brows.

Voila! Grooming my brows is just so easy with these 3 simple steps!
Best part of all, now you can have all your brow products 3 in 1, perfect for you to slip into your makeup pouch ;) 

I'm especially loving how pigmented the brow colour turned out to be and it's super smooth gliding!

Check out how pigmented it is as compared to Brand X~
The 3 in 1 Brow Designer works really well on areas where your brows are short & sparse. For me, it fills up the ends of my brows pretty well! I'm so happy!! No more short brows that ends midway or awkward sparse holes in my brows hehe~

Before & After application of the Brow Designer 3-in-1

Brow tip of the day: 
If your hair is of a light colour, try to keep your brows one shade darker.
If your hair is dark, keep your brows one shade lighter.
You won't want your brows and hair to match exactly hehe!

(Left to Right: Dark Brown, Grey Atelier, Caramel Amber)

My hair highlights has blonde undertones and the perfect shade has got to be Caramel Amber!^^ 
It's the brown shade that is only one tone darker than my hair unlike the Dark Brown and Grey shade which are way too dark for my hair >.<

Another one of my favourite use for this 3 in 1 Brow Designer would be to use it to contour my nose! Higher nose bridge woohoo!

Simply apply at your nose bridge and blend blend blend! Easy peasy~ 
Don't you just love multi-functional makeup products! ^^

I'm so going to stock up on the Caramel Amber shade hehe!

For first time brow users, if you find the 3 in 1 steps a little complicated, you might want to try out the Brow Designer 2-in-1! 
The Brow Designer 2-in-1 (S$18.90) is perfect to correct your unruly brows~
The brow cream pencil is really smooth-gliding & pigmented too! No more tugging on your brows just to get the brow colour out haha!

Don't forget to also show your brows some TLC (tender loving care) by using the Lash & Brow Serum before applying the Brow Designer products hehe! Nothing beats rejuvenating your brows the legit way~ 
You can check out my past review over here! ^^


Last but not least, always dress your smile with a cute pop of colour!

Hot off the shelves from USA, the NEW Le Matte Lip Crayon Pen (S$21.90) is finally hitting the stores!!!!
I was so excited when I received them hehe 

It comes in 5 shades from vibrant pink, berry tones, red hues as well as nudes. I love the cute names for the lippies too!

They instantly won my heart once I saw how easily it glides on my dry lips for a matte crayon lippie!

Matte lipsticks usually makes my lips dry and flaky and application is a mess. T_T

But, after trying these out, I had to slip them into my bag everyday!
The colour payoff is super intense and pigmented and it's so easy to use. Simply twist, turn and apply on your lips.^^

I can't decide which is my favourite shade, what's your pick?

Visit www.loreal-paris.com.sg to learn more about L'Oreal Paris Makeup. 
Don't forget to head to the stores to grab your Brow Designers and Le Matte Lip Crayon Pens now~! ^_^


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