Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013 x Thai Express

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And so.. this year B & I decided to head for the Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest 2013! :D It was super near to my office haha.. Unfortunately.. we were rather disappointed by the whole event :( *sobs* 

And so.. we happily went towards the Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest and we were "greeted" by this sight >.< YUCKS

Our poor loafers soaked in yucky yucky mud :( My poor Vans.. You can imagine the aftermath after we got ourselves out of the muddy event venue.. -_-''' We tried our best to walk without getting our feet stuck in the mud.. It was like the game shows on running man when they got their feet stuck in the mud.. Imagine those who went to the event in flip flops.. :x We saw some ppl who simply took off their shoes and walked bare-footed.. 

oh well.. we just got to make the best out of the situation by buying ourselves one scoop of ice cream right? :D 
Check out the flavours available!! :D The ones with the yellow stars are flavours specially imported from US for this event!! Guess which one did we pick? :D

And here's the pretty night backdrop for the event! :D They even had sumo wrestling games available.. but do note that you will need to pay to play the games :) Would love to try this sumo wrestling game with B if not for the yucky mud which just spoilt the whole mood..
Anyway, I managed to get a free sample of the new flavour from Ben & Jerry! :D The Couch Potato flavour!! :) Pretty yummy! Salty yet sweet at the same time~ B didn't fancy it though..:x  I guess probably becos the sample was kind of pathetic? We claimed the free sample from the counter after we hashtag #couchpotatosg on one of our photos.. The girl at the counter simply used a spoon and scoop some "Couch Potato" ice cream for us which was melting already -__-  I was like @_@.. I guess Ben & Jerry could have been more generous with the samples like providing a mini cup of Couch Potato ice cream instead of a scoop of melting ice cream.. 

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And so.. to make ourselves happier, we went to exchange for some Faircoins and got a scoop of ice cream to share! :D

$6 for a scoop of Candy Bar Pie, oh well..
I guess the freezers were not working well.. Check out our ice cream -__- Luckily, the ice cream was pretty yummy! Nicer than the Couch Potato flavour in my opinion :p 

Despite the muddy experience, I'm glad we tried the Candy Bar Pie ice cream :D Having yummy ice cream together makes us happy again~~

And next, Thai Express to end off the eventful night :)
Yummy Thai Food that i was craving for!! *keeping fingers crossed :D*
Here's my usual order! Less Spicy Dry Sukiyaki with all Fish :p

B's Yellow Curry

Thanks for reading! :D Next post would be on my Korea Travelogue! Stay tuned!

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