Space & Light Studios: 5 things that constitue a happy yoga session!

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Hello everyone! :) 

Sorry for the delay again! :x Too much office work to clear is giving me a severe case of Monday, Tuesday & Mid week blues~ Anyway, I have finally compiled my very first Yoga experience and will be sharing with you! 
I have a great deal to share!! :D How does 4 free yoga lessons sound to you? Hehe!! More details at the end of this post!

So.. what are the five things that constitute my happy first Yoga lesson? 

We arrived at Space & Light Studios after taking the comfy shuttle bus from Ion Orchard :) They have shuttle services from both Redhill Mrt & Ion Orchard! It's quite convenient right! You can shop around Orchard before heading for your Yoga session and head for high tea in Orchard with your yoga mates after lesson! Click on the link to find out how to get to Space & Light Studios!

*Look out for the bus which has the "Verita" Logo :)*

So.. you must be thinking.. why yoga? :) The end of 2013 is drawing close and I'm sure many of you have put weight loss, toner and fitter body as one of your 2013 New Year's resolutions. If you are not near your goal or still working hard towards it, do try out Yoga! :D I personally felt the effects it has on my round tummy and problematic areas! I do hope I can continue to do yoga to relax my tense muscles and build on my core muscles.


Tadaaa!! :D A really pretty studio with all the clean yoga mats laid out ready for the lesson! :) 
You won't want to lie down on stinky mats right? :S

A quiet & peaceful atmosphere for Yoga is also important to me! Or not I would not be able to catch up with the instructor's instructions :)

The Yoga lesson was held in a well ventilated and brightly lighted room! Some selca-ing before the lesson starts hehe! :p *Natural lighting is the best for selca shots!*

 Here's Mr Bear accompanying me for my very first Yoga lesson! I will introduce my new cam Sulli (yes, i named my camera haha) in the upcoming post!*excited much!* 

 So let's get started with our yoga instructors Sumei & Lynn! :)

Personally I felt that the arrangement for two instructors for our class was great! Everyone got the proper instructions and we could keep up with the different poses although everyone has different speed of learning. Lynn was the one conducting the class while Sumei went around to guide us and correct our poses :) Love the fact that they were female instructors too, as it was my first try and I wouldn't feel as comfortable if it was a male yoga instructor :p *just my personal opinion hehe*

And yup! That's us in the various yoga poses! :)
This was the downward facing dog pose where you had to repeat numerous times between different poses :p You got to stretch stretch stretch and ensure that the back of your leg is so strong that someone can sit on that part yet you won't crumble.. haha! Not sure if you understand what I mean :x You simply gotta work out the back muscles of your leg! *Toning effect hehe!*

I think Nicole has the best posture for this pose! *Thumbs up!*

And now with the block to work out your inner thighs! You really have to work out your thigh muscles to keep the block in between your inner thighs! Best position to work out those fatty thighs to wear skirts and shorts :D

Attempting the warrior 2 pose haha.. 
There were many more poses but I guess I only had these few images in my camera hehe.. So to end off the Yoga session, it would be the "Corpse" pose lol! Simply lie down peacefully and breathe in the fresh air~ Feels really serene and calm..


What I love about attending Lynn & Sumei's lesson would be how they encourage us and gave constant affirmation that you are doing the pose correctly. I think that this is a very important aspect to make a yoga lesson highly enjoyable :) 

To other first timers like me, don't be too worried if you face a yoga pose that is too taxing for your body..just try your best to stretch stretch stretch!! You never know if you will exceed your personal expectations if you don't try!

Here's Celine & Cynthia my yoga buddies competing their way to win the massage vouchers given out by Verita group! :) They were the last two contenders! *POWER!* And the winner was... drumrolls.... Celine!! :D 3 minutes plus.. too powerful le!

Love these two girls! Next outing soon kk? :D

Throughout the whole Yoga session, I started sweating simply after starting out for 5mins! Don't underestimate how Yoga can work your core muscles!  Remember: Always keep your toes spread out and grip onto the mat! :D

Pretty group photo that I could not resist but take a snapshot hehe! 

Showing you the other facilities at Space & Light studios!
Comfy lounge area :)
And... Tadaaaa~ Introducing the Salt Cave which helps your body reach a state of relaxation by breathing in mineral salts. This special yoga lesson is really suitable for those who have asthma.  It helps to neutralize the positive charges which serves to bring about a balance to our body.

An image i took from their website. Pretty cool huh? :D

And lastly, the final thing to look out for would be:

I was so happy when Lynn taught us how to do an assisted handstand! :D *jumps in joy* I have never ever ever did a handstand before! Although the handstand pose lasted only for a few secs, I have unlocked a new achievement! My very first handstand! :D

*my major regret was that i didn't take any photos when I was attempting the handstand :(*

I believe to ignite an interest in yoga for beginners like me, the element of surprise (eg. trying assisted handstand pose) during the yoga session, would definitely spur me on to try more challenging poses! Officially fell in love with Yoga! Targets my main problematic areas..! *yes!*

So, before i end off this post, here is another group pic with Tiffany, Celine & Cynthia! :D 

Simply quote "YOGIBLOG12"  when you call up or register at their studio and you will be entitled to 4 free classes that can be used over a span of 2 weeks! :D
So what are you waiting for? :p Take action & call them now! :D
Promo ends on 30 November 2013!

Space & Lights Studio
308 Tanglin Road
Pheonix Park
Singapore 247974

Contact them at:
 +65 6643 0550
+65 9691 7828 

Facebook: Space & Light Studios

Thank you Space & Light Studios and Street Directory for the wonderful Yoga experience! Special thanks to Lynn & Sumei~ Thanks for igniting my interest in Yoga! It's my very first experience and I think I am getting hooked onto it already! I could feel the effects it has on my tummy and problematic areas! Time to sign myself up for some Yoga lessons soon! :)

See you there! Last few months to fulfil your 2013 New Year's resolutions! Thanks for reading! :p


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