Beat stress with Plantronics BackBeatGo2! [Review]

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Beat Stress with Plantronics' newly launched #SGBackBeatGo2! :D
What do you usually do during your leisure time? :) Do you head for a jog after a long and hectic day of work? I do!!! :p I'm sure most of you go for a jogging session/ take part in some sports activities at least once a week :) Personally, I feel that jogging provides me with some personal me-time and having plugged in music is essential when I'm jogging alone~ Today I'm going to introduce to you Plantronics BackBeat Go2 wireless earbuds that will serve as your perfect jogging companion! <3 
Say Bye to your old earpiece which makes you feel restricted as you have wires looping around you while you jog! :x Your phone no longer needs to be "physically" connected to your earpiece to enjoy jogging with music on the go! :) Combating stress is more effective when you no longer hear the irritating sound of the earpiece banging against your body when running. It can get really frustrating to deal with easily tangled wires~

Let me share with you five benefits on how BackBeat Go2 can improve your jogging experience! :D

First up, you can do warm up/warm down exercises without removing your earpiece! :) It doesn't drop off easily~ *Tried & tested by me!* ;) It's so much more convenient! You can simply put your hp in your jogging pouch after connecting the wireless earbuds via bluetooth, and you are ready to go :D

Sel-ca while jogging past a scenic area is so much easier too! No longer need to fumble with the wires to take a picture hehe! Less hassle & more precious moments captured! <3

Number 2! No more tangled wires! :D As mentioned earlier, with the wireless BackBeat Go2, you no longer need to untangle your earpiece before jogging! Isn't that great? hehe!
Thirdly, the BackBeat Go2 earbuds are designed in such a way that the control buttons are easily accessible with the popped up buttons and backward facing for easy access when you are jogging :) You can pick up your phone calls or skip sound tracks even when you are jogging in dimly lighted up areas! Yay! Minimises the danger of bursting my ear drums when I press the wrong buttons haha..!

Answering phone calls are so much easier & connection is stable! *Tried & Tested!* Hehe!

Number 4! It is also sweat resistant! :D The wireless earbuds are P2i coated for sweat-proof durability! You can clean your BackBeat Go2 with no worries of spoiling it~ But.. of course I'm not saying that you can literally soak your wireless earbuds in water haha.. So.. with these wireless earbuds, you do not need to worry even if you sweat a lot during your jogging session :D

The final benefit would be the noise cancelling technology! :D For the "in your own world" experience while jogging to de-stress, this is essential! Again, I have *Tried & tested!* Rating it 4 out of 5 for it's noise cancelling technology! :D It really blocks out the noise when you position the earpiece properly into your ears but when I was jogging, it slipped out twice :x In comparison to the old earpiece that I have, this is way better!! Haha.. If I were to continue to use my old earpiece for my jogging sessions, most probably I would have to re-adjust every 2-3 mins or so.. :x

All in all, the BackBeat Go2 is perfect for my jogging sessions! It has officially replaced my old earpiece hahaha.. So.. if you are considering a wireless earpiece for your jogging and outdoor activities, do try Plantronics BackBeat Go2!! :D Comes in white and black colour! Love the white one hehe~! Matches my hp perfectly! :p

Here's a special 15% off promotion specially for my blog readers! :D Simply log on to and input this code into the discount/promotion code box:"15omychloe" after selecting your earbuds! Rmb to click apply discount code upon check out and you can get it at SGD$169.15 instead of the usual retail price of  SGD$199! :) 

*Do note that the discount is applicable to only local purchases :) Limited time promotion only!*

Hope this review helps! I do hope that you will enjoy using the Plantronics BackBeatGo2 as much as I do! :D
Do check out for more details!

With lots of love,
Chloe :)

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