Guide to Cebu - Oslob (Summer Vacation under $900)

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Are you thinking of the next holiday destination? How about a summer vacation (all in) for under $900?^^ 
Here's my summer vacation guide to Cebu where I will share more on the things to do in Oslob, things to buy in Oslob as well as some places you must visit! Without further ado, let me spam you with images of my 4D3N holiday with Agnes~
1. Air Tickets
Flight details: Tiger Airlines
SG 11am Arrive in Cebu at 2.40pm
Cebu 5pm Arrive in SG at 8.30pm
As this was a very impromptu trip *item ticked off my bucket list for being spontaneous haha!*, we did not get to camp for promotional air tickets. We simply went for the cheapest available 1 month from the travel date haha!

Total flight expenditure: $482.78 for two
*Tip: We opted to pay via AXN machine to avoid the extra charges when you pay via credit card. ^^ Remember to do so, to save some money!

2. Accommodation
S$217/pax for 3 nights
Being an avid fan of Airbnb accommodations, we have also found our Oslob accommodation via Airbnb!^^

Here's where we stayed for 3 nights:
Tan-awan Oslob
Cangcu-aay Private beach Villa Modern Deluxe
Pics credit to: Cangcu-aay Private beach Villa Modern Deluxe's FB Page
Total accommodation expenditure: $467 for 3 nights, we paid only $434 thanks to the Airbnb credit I had!^^
You can sign up for Airbnb and get your $33 bucks voucher here ^^
In addition, for lazy people like us, you will be glad to know that the villa offers dinner options too! So, we gladly paid approximately 1085 pessos per person ~
$33/pax for dinner in total for 3 nights

Our host Vilma was really friendly and she took care of us really well when we were there! Gave us lots of advice and tips on places to visit too! Loved their home-cooked meals especially breakfast! Dinner was great too as they served us different dinner options everyday~! From spaghetti with bolognese sauce to grilled pork meat and not forgetting the generous servings of fresh mangoes! Ahh.. super love it! Love how clean the place was and the access to the private beach was so convenient!
Only complaint would be the wifi connection :p Could only get proper signal at the beach hahaha.. but it's good for digital detox isn't it?^^

3. Places to visit in Oslob / Things to do in Oslob:
Swim with the whale sharks (Must try!!)
*one item off my bucket list!*
(cost included in our package with Island Trek Tours)
Behind the scenes of the photo-taking experience and getting so up-close to the whale sharks! Still so excited i did it! They look really cute up-close but the only thing I was worried was them sucking me in together with the tiny fishes hahaha! Special thanks to Ryan (the photographer in the pic above) the expert at taking underwater pictures as well as bringing me to dive deeper and closer to the whale sharks!! ^^
 #yoloadventures #accomplished

Try out a Habal Habal ride en-route to Tumalog Falls 
(cost included in our package with Island Trek Tours)
Get a relaxing shoulder and back "massage" at Tumalog Falls 
(cost included in our package with Island Trek Tours)

Trek through Levels 0 to 5 of the Aguinid Falls (Must try!!) 

*one item off my bucket list!*

Managed to abseil a waterfall and jump off a waterfall too!^^
Thanks to Vilma for suggesting Aguinid Falls to us! And also special thanks to the two guides who brought us from Level 0 to Level 5 of the falls! They were so patient with me especially when my slippers kept floating down the waterfall hahaha! And also for keeping us safe and taking tons of photos and videos for us! Do remember to tip your guides as they earn mainly via the tips you give them ^^
Total expenditure via Island Trek Tours : S$130/pax
Includes transport to these locations: Snorkelling with Whale Sharks, Tumalog Falls, Aguinid Falls, the entrance fees as well as breakfast and lunch included.
 (I would think you might be able to reduce the cost by communicating with the Villa to arrange for private tours instead :p)
 Spend a relaxing day at the Sumilion Island Bluewater Resort
Day Tour: S$45/pax (~1500 pessos)
Includes ferry transfers, lunch, welcome drinks and access to almost all of the activities offered on the resort. Pretty good deal! Thanks to Vilma's recommendation!^^
Have not seen waters sooo clear!! I was soo excited that I simply kept snapping pictures!^^
*one item off my bucket list!*
{Snorkelling at the sand bar}
Hehe.. Spot my pink snorkelling equipment and flippers!^^
*one item off my bucket list!*
Have not tried Kayaking before, but I'm so glad I did it with Agnes who has a hidden talent in steering the kayak in the right direction hahaha..
{SUP- Stand Up Paddling}
{Chilling by the pool}

La Vie Parisienne
S$14/pax* (depends on what you order) 
For us, we spent about 900 Pessos~ S$28 in total at this cafe. 
Address: 371 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
However, the service attitude was terrible. We were standing at the counter trying to get the service staff's attention, yet they just ignored us although we were the only customers in the shop at that point. We were more than willing to spend on the sweet treats, but the service attitude was a major turn off. She even missed out on one of the desserts we ordered. In addition, based on the drinks menu displayed there, more than half was not available. Wow.. such a huge disappointment. I was also shocked that such a high class cafe provides only lousy disposable plastic forks for their customers. The forks gave way while we were just eating cakes & pastries. To add on to that, the pretty snacks merely looks good, taste wise was pretty mediocre.  There's really nothing much to rave about except for the pretty decor. It does not look/feel as pretty after all the negative vibes experienced. 

Shall give the cafe the benefit of doubt that the ambience for the place at night might turn out better. There was no music, nothing at all at the point of time when we visited. All in all, if you were to ask me, La Vie Parisienne is definitely not a cafe recommended to cafe hop at, you can just skip this location.

Places we skipped but would love to go during our next trip!
Kawasan Falls
Pic credit to respective owner
(We skipped this as it was too far away (about a few hours drive away from our Villa) and we were not keen to try out canyoning yet. Maybe the next round? :p)

Trekking up Osmena Peak
Pic credit:
Don't you think this view is awesome? ^^
(We skipped this too, as it's not the peak season for tourists and we were advised that it's not very safe for two girls to venture around that area on our own as it is quite deserted :x Didn't want to risk our safety. But if we are travelling in a big group, i would not give this a miss!^^)

4. Chartered Driver
~S$100/pax for the two way trip
Total expenditure: 6000 pessos and additional tips!^^

As advised by our friends who have been to Philippines, it is best to have pre-arranged chartered transport before hand as it will be safer and more efficient! So, we went online searching for a chartered driver in Cebu.
We managed to engage Danny for airport transfer to our villa in Oslob and back from the villa to the airport on the last day.
 On the last day, en-route to the airport, we have also requested Danny to drive us to La Vie Parisienne and to "Save More" supermarket for some last minute shopping! :D
Oh yes, in case you do not know, the journey to Oslob from the airport takes approximately 3hrs. >.< 
Here's our friendly driver Danny who is such a fatherly figure ^^ He was really patient with us and brought us to the various places safely. I can't forget the awesome music we enjoyed singing along in the car! There's up to date K Pop songs like 2NE1 songs, English Pop songs and more! Major plus point when the car journey takes up approximately 3 hours plus. :p
You can contact Danny at:

5. Shopping^^
Basically, I think I only spent about 3000 pessos ~ S$90 in total.
7-11 (161 pessos) For snacks to share and mineral water which costs only 40 pessos for a 1.5litres bottle :D
Save More Supermarket (2,800 pessos) - Souvenir shopping!^^ Which includes tons of dried mango and snacks!

6. Wifi Connectivity

Being the usual wifi addict, wifi connection is my utmost concern during my holiday trips hehe!
Thanks to Visondata, we got to enjoy wifi connectivity during the 3 hours car journey to and fro from the airport to the Villa, probably except for the more mountainous areas and rural areas, connectivity was weak. Hehe! All thanks to the wifi device, I got to update my instagram page constantly too!^^ <3 
You can check out their site: for more details! ^^

7. Hidden Charges?
International Airport Terminal Fees (For Departure) $23/pax
Remember to set aside 750 pessos to pay for the international airport terminal fees.
 Didn't know that we need to pay this amount when we were leaving! >.< So weird! Not sure if we missed this pointer out during our research. But... Thank goodness we had enough pessos left!

Total Expenditure: S$893.39 (within the $900 budget!)

Hope this guide will be useful in helping you to plan your summer vacation to Cebu, Oslob! Highly recommend all of you to visit this beautiful place!^^ It's an affordable location which has so many amazing places to explore! Plan your next holiday destination now~!^^
PS: If you are wondering where I got my cute swan float from, you can check out @thedonutfloat or email them at for more info on the rental cost!^^ I am so looking forward to rent more floats from them hehe.. like the watermelon, pizza, pretzel, flamingo floats and more~!

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