Simply Aesthetics- LED Teeth Whitening [Review]

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Just a few weeks back, I was so excited to attend this opening event for Simply Aesthetics with B! :D Check out these yummy goodies! Noms! Pink & gold macaroons and a whole table of pretty sweet treats, I was squealing in excitement beside B even before I went around to explore the place. Hehe! I felt so pampered!
Located in the newly restored Capitol Piazza #B1-28, conveniently accessed near City Hall MRT Exit B. It was pretty easy to locate Simply Aesthetics! ^^
We were really excited to check out what treatments they had to offer, but first let's take a picture at the photo booth. With sweet Kaiting who has really good skin! So envious haha..
And pictures with the beauty bloggers! Many familiar faces and met some new friends too!^^ Special thanks to B for being the patient photographer hehe~!
Next, we also had a tour of Simply Aesthetics :) The rooms were quite big and there's this LED Aqua Bed! Super cool and looks so comfy!
 And yup, that's B volunteering to try out the Glow Zone Laser Treatment! I saw pretty significant effects after his treatment. The beautician was telling us how popular this laser treatment is in Korea for their facial maintenance regime ^^. B had an instant lifting effect for his skin and a more even skin tone. There was minimal pain & downtime too! Pretty amazing right?
Simply Aesthetics provides a whole range of services, from LED Teeth Whitening, Fat Freezing, UltraTherapy, Super Hair Removal and more~
I went back down to Simply Aesthetics another day to try out their LED Teeth Whitening treatment :) 

 That's what I will be trying out! LED Teeth Whitening! So excited! Have been wanting to try teeth whitening services for the longest time ever~!
 Pretty huge and clean room with a huge mirror :D
Before the treatment, they will provide you with a mouth wash and prep your lips with vaseline :) 
Please pardon my yellow teeth!:( (digs a hole and hide my head inside) hahahhaa.. Help needed for my yellowish teeth pls~!
Then they will help to fit the mouth guard filled with the whitening gel into your mouth. Pretty much like retainers.. haha!

After which they will lower the LED light to your teeth and voila~ after 20 mins, whiter shade of teeth hehe!

Here's how it looks like during the LED Teeth Whitening session, pretty cool huh? ^^
Not to worry, it was really comfortable and not painful at all. I fell asleep halfway through the teeth whitening session hahaha.. The aqua bed was soo comfy! Kept me warm too!
There are googles provided as well as a bell (for you to alert them if you need help, since you can't talk haha, pretty thoughtful right? :)) lol!
Don't you think my teeth are much whiter? (even under the warm lighting) It's at least 3-4 shades whiter than my original shade! Amazing hahaha! My first try at LED Teeth Whitening and i have to say i will definitely do it again! 

The results are instant! I was initially doubtful about the effects of this whitening service but I'm convinced now!^^ 

So you may ask, how long does it last? 
It is highly dependent on your diet! If you seldom drink coffee/tea and coloured drinks, chances are that the whitening effects can last longer! Proper oral hygiene is also essential. Typically, it can last about 2 to 3 months^^ So far so good for mine!

But of course, to achieve the perfect shade of white for my teeth, it will require at least 3 sessions more. Looking forward to have a chance to head back hehe~! 
The number of sessions needed to achieve your perfect shade of pearly whites are also dependent on your teeth condition. If you are under certain medication/ smoking/ have any underlying health conditions, the results might not be as obvious. You can check back with Simply Aesthetics for a more detailed consultation and the prices as well! :) 

Simply Aesthetics 
13 Stamford Road, 
#B1-28 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905 

 Operating Hours:
Weekdays - 11am - 9pm 
Weekends and PH - 10am - 8pm 

If you have been wanting to try out teeth whitening services, do give Simply Aesthetics a try! Thumbs up for the service and results achieved!^^

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