[Review] Carbon Laser Treatment at Gangnam Laser Clinic

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Hello beauty lovers! Today, follow me on my beauty journey with Gangnam Laser Clinic!
Before any treatment is conducted, you will need to get yourself registered with your details before proceeding to the consultation room to get a skin analysis and personalized treatment planned out for you.

I'm so excited to hear from the expert what are the procedures I can do to fix my skin issues. I tend to get really oily skin on my T-Zone area and huge hormonal pimples all over my nose, cheeks and chin T_T #skinwoes

Here's Dr. Magdalene who was really patient and professional to answer all my questions hehe.. She was really friendly and made me feel very comfortable talking to her. She analysed my skin and also recommended acne care products/ingredients I should look out for in my daily skincare products. Now i know what i should use to kill the nasty huge pimples heh heh!

At Gangnam Laser Clinic, they provide different laser treatments and incorporate numerous types of laser to target the different skin issues we face.

Here's how i look before the laser treatnent hahaha.. bare face with all the zits and acne scars around my cheeks T_T
Give me the dream clear skin I'm dreaming of!!
The treatment room was really cosy with K-Drama music played in the background while Dr Magdalene started the treatment, it definitely helped to make me feel less nervous hehe..

As I have got combination skin and have stubborn pimples as well as oily T-zone, Dr Magdalene recommended the Gangnam Carbon Laser for me to help reduce the overproduction of oil on my skin.

First, she will apply the carbon lotion on targeted areas such as my forehead, nose and chin area,
Next, the treatment will start and you will experience slight heat, smell smoke and hear popping sound like popcorns when the laser hits the oily spot on your face.

I was initially nervous when I heard that there will be smoke and popping sound hahahaha.. But it turns out that my fear was unfounded. It wasn't scary at all. LOL. Dr Magdalene was really nice to check back if i'm ok with the treatment. It feels painless and definitely quite shiok to hear the zapping away of the nasty pimples ^_^
More, more more! Kill the bacteria woohoo! HAHAHA.. I bet you will feel the same way as I did. Oh yes, the other device Dr. Magdalene is holding is the vacuum to reduce the smoke from the laser treatment.

Yay to exfoliation of my skin, tightening of pores due to the heat as well as collagen stimulation!
Next up, she also recommended a longer pulse laser to reduce the pigmentation of my existing acne scars and to reduce the recurrence of new pimples (killing the bacteria deep down within). It helps to regulate healthy skin growth :)
That's me after the treatment hehe! I was quite surprised that there was no downtime and minimal redness as compared to those facials that I've got where my face will be filled with blotches of red spots.
To end off the session, you will be given a hydrating gel mask where you can chill and relax! Hehe, or you can be a vain pok and start selfie-ing like me >.<
The whole session only took about 30 minutes and you are good to go! Really fast and efficient!
I'm writing this post nearly 2 weeks after the treatment and i'm absolutely loving the outcome of the laser treatments! 
Indeed I have a less oily T-zone and recurrence of nasty pimples are kept to a minimal. Looking forward to head back to Gangnam Laser Clinic again! 

 Fyi, I visited the Harbourfront outlet :)
Here are the 2 outlets' details, do head down and try it out if you have similar skin issues as me, i'm sure you would love to kickstart your beauty journey with them!

HarbourFront Centre
1 Maritime Square
Singapore 099253
Tel. No: 6275 3381

One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place
Singapore 099253
Tel. No: 6536 8393


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