Journey to acne-free skin with Face On Clinic

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Hello beauty lovers! Today i'm going to bring you through my beauty journey with Face On Clinic!

I'm so excited to share that there is finally hope for my acne skin!!! ^^ 
Flawless acne free skin doesn't seem like mission impossible anymore!

Face On Clinic is conveniently located at United Square mall #01-45/46
 I love how sleek and welcoming the clinic looks! :)

Hehe! After the usual registration process, here i am sans makeup before heading for the Visia Skin Analysis.
 Face On Clinic's protocol is to start off with a skin analysis to check on your skin condition before advising on the specific problem areas and customising the treatments for you. 
And here's the amazing yet scary machine hahahhaa.. It helps to detect the skin problem areas that you are facing.

*be warned* 
Graphic images of my acne ahead hahaha..

As you can see from the above image, the circled areas are my oil clogged skin. And this results in the persistent acne which i am facing T_T

I also have problems of enlarged pores in the circles above!

Yes, this is my face (showing you how it looks like with no filter, no makeup on)
I am often plagued with hormonal acne around my cheeks, nose and chin areas. And to those who have seen me with nasty huge pimples, those are also part of my major concerns hahaha..

 Baring it all just to show all of you how bad it really is! 
I'm guilty of hiding it in most of my photos by piling makeup on haha..
And I have alot of old scars from my bad habit of picking those pimples >.<

Remember! Don't pick on your pimples if you do not want your face to have scars like mine!

So, after all the skin analysis and consultation with Dr. Khoo, we started off with using chemical to clear up my clogged pores.
Next, she used the PA Medical laser to deactivate the active oil glands to reduce excessive oil production and clogging of pores! YAY!!!

The amazing thing about the PA Medical laser would also be that it helps to work on reducing my old scars as well as stimulating collagen production whee!!! 

The PA Medical laser treatment was so fast! It only takes roughly 15-20mins and best part of all there's no downtime!! Hehe! You can head out to meet your friends for dinner and they will not realise you just went for laser treatment. I love how Face On Clinic made the whole process so painless with the cool jet on my face all the while throughout the treatment. I would rate the pain level at 1 out of 10 for me. In fact, i did not feel much heat or pain haha..

So looking forward to the next few lazer treatments already!

Stay tuned for the rest of my journey to having flawless acne free skin with Face On Clinic! :D

For more information on the PA Medical Lazer, you can check out their page at or contact them via +65 6354 4892.


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