We are The Furballs (WTF) Cafe

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I was so excited when i found out about this new cafe and i pestered B to bring me there!
First visit to such an interesting concept cafe! We are The Furballs (WTF) Cafe

Spot the cute sign near the shopfront! :)
Purchased our drinks and paid entrance fee before proceeding to meet the furballs! :D

Greeted by a group of 6 enthusiastic furballs! :D

Here's Yuki Chan! :) but she was ignoring me... -__-'''

Tug of War between B and Duchess! Guess who won?:D

Cutie Lulu came to join in the tug of war! :)

Introducing the tiniest furball of the cafe - Mochi! :)

Doing the "dog" walk~ LOL.. I love Lulu!!!

Buibui and her unglam sitting pose :p
How can you not love her expression?

And here's cute little mochi falling aslp in another girl's arms.. So cute!!

Not forgetting Slinky with her puppy eyes!! *melts*

Upcoming pictures of the furballs taking a nap! zzzZZzz

Hehe.. we disturbed Slinky who was fast aslp! Placed their toys all around her..

Buibui! LOL..

And my favourite LULU! Cute!!

More snapshots of Lulu just because i am biased and she is my favourite furball :p
B and Lulu! Her cute expression!!! *Awww*

Lulu falling aslp..zZZzzz

And she fell aslp!! LOL!

And here we have Buibui in her tee shirt! hehe.. we placed the toy there and she didnt move a single bit.. lol!

Last pic taken using my Hp with buibui! :p

And signing off in the cute guestbook~  We will be back soon!!!! <3

Thks for making my day!! It's a perfect place for ppl like me who are unable to own a dog yet :( Thks to the furballs and the friendly owners for making it such a great day! Will be back soon!! :D

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