I miss the mugging period :(

By 12:30 AM

Dug out these photos from my hard disk folder called "overdue photos from Nikky" LOL.. Decided to post a mini post to reminisce the last stressful exam period!:p
Despite the fact that mugging days were really stressful, I kinda miss the mugging days..At that moment, you can't wait for the mugging days to be over.. But now, I secretly wish that i'm still a student..

Here's B all focused and checking his codes etc..

But this is what happens when the system has errors!?!?!
 B: #$$%^%^&*?

Hehe.. Just for laughs!! :p
Next up, will be:
 Greedy student Number One!
Snacks to keep me awake! :D
*this roller coaster flavoured chips was quite yums!*
 This is the acting cute with my pouch and taking a "5 mins" break from my notes look! LOL
*Do we look alike? heexx*
 Alrighty, back to studying and digesting my notes.. *this was not posed! :p*

Ending off with my table cluttered with notes and snacks & my IPhone (major distraction during mugging period but also major motivation too!)

I miss all of these!!! :(

Anyway, next few posts to look forward to:
Travelogues to Scandinavia, Cruise to Redang and Trip to Seoul! :D
Dozens of photos piling up and diligently clearing bit by bit day by day!
That's all for now! Be back for more! :)

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