Summer Holidays in Scandinavia Day 1-2

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Finally!! Here's my summer holidays in scandinavia captured using Lucky Nikky :D
 We went for a tour package with Dynasty and we had the chance to enjoy the airport SAT lounge while waiting for the flight depature gates to be open! *feels so luxurious* LOL..

Flying by Finnair to Helsinki before transiting and taking another flight to Copenhagen :D

At the lounge! Was rushing off to catch the plane and busy charging my iPad hence didn't really manage to take much pictures of the lounge :( Only managed to grab some food and sipped a cup of camomile tea :)
After long hours in the plane and transiting at Helsinki, we finally arrived at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark! *Excited*

Love this picture! Love my lucky nikky for being able to capture this while on the coach bus! :) All of these sights and scenes captured while on our short city tour of Copenhagen.

Check out how blue and pretty the sky was! :D

Bicycles are a norm there! Tons and tons of bikes and mothers with cute bikes to ferry their little kids! Here's a "shark" coming your way! :D

Plz pardon me! *Little miss vainpot in action* Lol!

Only going to post single shots of me on my blog becos there's way too many pics if i were to include family pics too!!

Just in time for the guard changing procession :)

Local guide blabbering away haha.. we were each given a headset to listen to the guide whenever we head for city tour! Interesting, but bulky to carry around esp if my jackets doesn't come with pockets  :(

 Ok..i was acting lame LOL.. *probably wishing that it would be snowing*

Cute bikes and cute kids!! :D

Cute postboxes :p

I have no idea what is this haha..wasn't listening.. :p

Expensive looking ship docked nearby :D

Thus, a photo is essential! LOL!

See!! Carpeted entrance to the ship with a personal butler maybe? haha..

*excitedly taking pics again despite the tired looking jet lagged face*
I want a bike with baskets like these!!! *pretty*

 Great day for picnic! Kinda like this pic's effect and focus! :p

Pose Queen No. 1 in the entire tour group is none other than me! :p

The famous Little Mermaid!! :D
*Tee hee! Time to put on my hood and shield myself from the blazing sun!*

:O Pretty right? All owned by wealthy ppl! *daydreams of the day that i can be on one of these yatchs*

Even random flowers on trees looks pretty! :D

 Hans Christian Anderson
 Chewy!! Your favourite kind of dogs! Check out how big the dog is as compared to their owner- man on the right! :)

 Thoughtful cafe with blankets provided for outdoor seating area :D
 And our lunch!

Looks super fun!! Scary and fun at one go! :D Too bad i didn't get to go to Tivoli to try this out :(

 Checking in early before dropping off our luggages and heading for the shopping mall just besidee the hotel :D

 Too expensive to shop here~ not worth it!

Dinner time! :) Pizza party at my uncle's room after window shopping! Yums! But the pizza was a tad too salty:/

Ending off with a picture Aunty Jas took for me :D

Please be back for more updates coming right up! All the edited photos are all piling up arghh..
 Anyway, i will really appreciate it if everyone can drop a comment after reading my post! Tata! <3

Summary of places visited: Old Stock Exchange, National Museum, The Rosenborg, Amalienborg & Christianborg Palaces, Little Mermaid Statute, Nyhavn & Stroget

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