Museum Hopping fun :D

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Museum Hopping fun with B! :D Backdated post!

Free musuem visits in the month of August! 
 Started off at SAM

My dramatic B LOL!

 Check out how real this painting looks! :D

Hello Stranger~! <3

Black and white version hehe~

 The pretty artwork on the floor that got smeared already :( It was suppossedly flowers on the ground..
Everyone had to wear protective cover for our feet in order to protect the artwork..:p 
The designs on the floor were suppossedly like these on the wall :( So pretty right?:D If only we went a few weeks earlier..

Time for some D-I-Y! :D
Collected our free clay flower and getting ready to put some patterns on it!

All the different masterpieces made with patterns from different objects!
Even correction tape can also be used to make patterns! :D

Us with our masterpieces! hehe!

More masterpieces with the different objects used...

Hehe! Cute B~
More D-I-Y at the kids corner! We are big kids! :p

 Cute kid spotted! :D
Not all the other kids were cute though..:(
There were some really rude, overly pampered and demanding ones snatching and refusing to share..

All the artwork by little kids! Colouring! :D

 We did some stamping instead hehe!
And this interesting exhibit that B had lots of fun with! The louder you shout into the mike, the bigger the cartoons produced!! :D It's all based on sound waves i think.. hehe.. Quite fun! I like the Doraemon cartoon! :p

And this dance machine thingy where B went crazy LOL!

As well as a glow in the dark garden filled with flower origami! :D
So pretty!!

After SAM @ 8Q, we went to Singapore Philatelic Museum next! :D

 2nd sticker to add to the day! :D
One of the most expensive stamps with real Swarovski crystals~

 3D 100cents stamps!! :D
 Bunny = me! :D

Hopscotch on the floor! :)

 Who has a better pose?* Vote for me plz!!* :D
 Archaeologist in action!! :p

Cute mini postbox figures that we saw! :D my favourite one has to be the Hongkong one!

And next to the Peranakan Museum! Our final stop for the day~

Collected this and had fun going around stamping the embossed pictures on it! :D

Peranakan Baby shoes! So cute!!
 And listening to recordings of other people's conversations in the past ~
And ending off with stamping mania again hehe~ be the judge and vote for the nicer one! :p
Mine's nicer right? B was a cheater bug and stamped twice hahaha.. I kind of destroyed mine when i stamped the chandelier wrongly but oh well.. there's a story! The chandelier fell and hit the woman and she went crazy singing lalalala~
LOL! Very lame right? Hehe.. 
Anyway, next update will be on Brunch& Fun Part 2! :D Check back again soon kay!!
 Thanks for reading!

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