Birthday special!! :D

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Sorry for the lack of blogposts recently!! I have been really busy actively searching for jobs and attending interview sessions.. :/ Really keeping my fingers crossed that i will be able to end my unemployed status soon and a good job offer will come my way *Prays hard*

Back to the post for the day! It has been almost one month since I turned one year older..but better late than never! :D
 Here are the lovely people and gifts that made my birthday so special this year! Thanks for all the love!!! <3

Make a guess what is this?:D

It's from B!! :D

Home made birthday cake! *happygirl=WL*

Haha.. i made him do that expression when presenting to me the cake :p

The pretty peach & mango yoghurt cake! :D It's still quite decent except that B forgot to add yoghurt :x But, it's still great! :D
 Love u B for making me this cake late at night despite having so many projects and being so busy with school.. XXOO!!

And the cake & me!! :D Plz pardon the messy look, i was lazing around at home when B popped by with the cake and bought lunch for me! <3

Not forgetting a picture of the cake with the mango chunks within the filling of the cake! Yums! :D

Love u B!!

Next up, we have food again! :p i received alot of food items for my birthday this year!
Oops that's not food, but a keychain! :p Love the colours!
All thanks to Terry and WeiKang for the keychain & Mochi Sweets! Thanks for giving me something that i have been wanting to try, but have not done so becos i'm trying to be thrifty :p

The flavours are: blueberry cream, green tea, chestnut cream, cream chocolate, mango yoghurt as well as red bean! :D

Looks yummy and tastes yummy too! But i felt that it was slightly over-rated.. Have been hearing tons of reviews and raves over these expensive Mochis.. My favourite flavour would have to be cream chocolate followed by red bean! :O Didn't really fancy the other flavours though..

Thanks to Terry & WeiKang for this sweet treat and dinner treat as well!
Will head back to Bugis when i'm feeling richer to buy the chocolate mochi! That's the only one that will leave me craving for more~ Heex!

Special Thanks to my dearest ABE!!! For turning up for my birthday surprise!!! Chewy was a great actress and I actually believed her & was slightly sad when she bluffed me she forgot that it was my birthday hahaha... Turned out that she was the overall mastermind for the plan to cheer me up on my actual birthday!! Love u chewy!! XXOO

Special thanks to dearest Chua as well for bringing down the balloons & polaroids, waiting for us at Swensens and "acting" as Eunice through the phone! Not forgetting our dearest Bb too! For making time for me despite her busy schedule!! <3 And thank u all for the birthday fund that i spent in one day at Bugis Street.. Muahahaha.. #shopaholic

All of these polaroids are kept safely in my drawer but i lost the photos that we took on my S3 when the battery went crazy the other time :( **Sobs** Sorry guys!! i'm so glad Edelyn brought her polaroid that day!! *phew*

Thanks for everything!! For dinner and dessert! hehe!! Love u three lots lots!! XXOO

Last but not least, I would also like to thank:

 Jennifer for the dinner treat at Paradise Dynasty and surprising me with a yummy Rive Gauche Cake!! Thank u sooo much!! :D We have to meet up again kay!! Had such a great time chatting and shopping with u!

Dearest Xuan for the Tiramisu Hero that she delivered to my house! another dessert i really wanted to try!
 Verdict: Didn't really like my tiramisu to be too soggy, probably becos i prefer the ones with the crunchy feel at the bottom.. But overall it was yums!
 *Hence the lack of pictures becos i gobbled it up and forgot to take a pic :p*

And the Superman couple!! My dearest bestie & her zaihui! Thank u for a wonderful day out and all the wonderful gifts!! Will blog all about our day out really soon!! I'm almost done sieving through the pictures :p

Thanks everyone else for the lovely birthday wishes too!!

A year older and hopefully a year wiser!
Plz let my birthday wish come true soon!! :D

That's all for now! Please visit my blog again soon! Will be blogging about Scandinavia Trip Day3-4 next! :D Tons of pictures to look out for!

CYA!! :D

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