Brunch & Fun Part 1

By 12:17 AM

Happy Saturday afternoon spent with Wei Ting and Xuan :D

 We went to Habitat Coffee for brunch!

And our waiting number! :D

Wei Ting and Me :D

And with xuan! :D

And the very kind barista/guy at the counter helped us to take a group picture after we were fidgeting non stop moving around trying to take pictures hehe..

My two lovely dates for the day :p

Truffle fries!! :D Not bad!

And the bear coffee art which was one of the main reasons we went there hehe..! Luckily the barista was very nice and helped us to make a bear art! :p

Weiting with our cute cup of hazelnut latte! :)

We had not just one bear, but two!! :D

Too cute till we didn't bear to drink them!
*unintended pun lol*

And here i am with the bear coffee hehe!

Xuan greedy pig with two cups hehe! :p

Big Ben breakfast set!

Yummy yummy scrumptious meal!! :D

And The Shrooms! Love the poached eggs and mushrooms hehe..

Habitat coffee was great! :D Will be back again another day!

Then off to salted caramel for desserts :D

We ordered three scoops with M&M toppings hehe.. Salted caramel flavour, chocolate sobert & strawberry :D
not going back anytime soon to salted caramel..haha.. i felt that it was over rated :p

Going to post brunch& fun part 2 soon! Stay tuned!! :)

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