Nook-DIY House of Pancakes :)

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Finally posting this up! :D
Our trip to Nook-DIY House of Pancakes~

After taking a long bus ride from Dhoby Ghaut to Bukit Timah, we made our way to look for Lorong Kilat Road in search of Nook-DIY House of Pancakes!

There's a really nice cafe a few doors beside Nook as well :) Wana go down again to check it out another day hehe.. After walking for quite a bit, we finally reached Nook!

Really excited to be visiting a new concept restaurant~ :D

B was not really in the mood for pictures that day haha..

Angstygirl90.. too angsty with no food yet.. A hungry girl is an angry girl~

Steps 1,2,3,4! :D
Interesting right?
There were ready made breakfast sets and DIY Pancake set and of course we ordered the DIY set since we went there for the new concept cafe/restaurant! :p

My eyes lit up once i saw the cute DIY pancake set we ordered! :D
The portion seems pretty small initially but it's actually more than enough for two people!! :)
We ordered the strawberry and original flavoured pancake batter & our toppings were strawberries, caramalised apples and chocolate sauce!
It was rather disappointing that they ran out of the initial toppings that we wanted :( Had to switch between our choices several times before we found toppings that were available for the day. I guess we were just pretty unlucky :x

 Plz pardon the tired looking face! :p

As soon as i got the pancake batter, I poured it into the squeeze bottle and attempted a heart shaped pancake! hehe!

Success!! :D

And these were the sides we ordered as well- scrambled eggs, smoked salmon & honey baked ham :D All were pretty yummy!

And a failed heart shape with wings.. LOL..
Next up, B and I decided to create our personalised breakfast sets with the food we have :D

Tadaaa! Our Loveydovey Breakfast set 1! :p
struggled with the tiny alphabets though.. Lol!

Mandatory picture with our creation hehehe...

2nd set- Like A Sir breakfast set!
Inspired by our love for mustaches for photo props :p
Unfortunately, i screwed up the set while trying to add the maple syrup in an "artistic" manner but failed as it was too runny LOL..
And last but not least....

Breakfast set 3! The stacked up pancakes!! :D Drizzled with maple syrup~ Yums!
At the end of breakfast set 3, we were pretty much stuffed to the brim with lots of pancakes, be it the failed creations or the breakfast sets created hahaha..
We decided to play a game of tic tac toe with the remaining pancake batter! :D

Teehee! Chao Ta game of tic tac toe! :p

Overall, we had a very fun and enjoyable time creating our own pancakes and personalizing our brunch! However, i found the price abit on the pricey side though.. But it's still quite worth it to head  down and try out making pancakes on your own and unleash your creativity! :D The owner was really friendly and she even helped us to take a picture which is still in my phone but i'm too lazy to upload it here.. :p

The last of our strawberry pancake batter :p

 Ending off with a silly picture of me with le pancake mustache as my photo prop hehe~!

Here's the address for Nook-DIY House of Pancakes:
Bukit Timah, 21 Lorong Kilat #01-03

You can also check out their webpage for more details! :D

That's all for now~ Look out for the next post coming up in a while!

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  1. Hi may I know how much you spent while you're eating here?

  2. @ Anonymous Hi! :) I think i spent less than $30 in total if i nv rmb wrongly :)

  3. really seems tasty. gotta try this out!(: