Brunch & Fun Part 2

By 9:00 AM

After brunch and ice cream, we went to the playground nearby and took pics! Hehe!

Weiting and me! :D

My two pretty dates for the day! :D

Xuan's cheeky moments hehe~!

 For posting Xuan's cheeky moment, here's an unglam shot of me! hahahhaha.. LOL..! I'm very fair de ok!

Miss such playgrounds!! :D

 Modern swings! :D
A lot more pictures with zee swing becos it was really fun!

 Unglam moment hahaha we were trying to climb into the middle of the trampoline and attempt some jump shots hehe! Xuan was the photographer becos she was wearing a skirt :p

 1, 2, 3 JUMP!
 And we landed! hahaha.. didn't post up the jump shot becos it was really unglam! :p
Modern playgrounds in SG are pretty fun too! Good for phototaking lol!

My favourite studying buddies! So glad we all made it through already!!

Outfit of the day: White crotchet romper from AE
 Loving this white crotchet romper bought from the flea market!  All thks to chewy for helping me bargain! hehehe..
Next up, will be my post on our trip to the new restaurant/cafe- Nook House of Pancakes! :D

Till then, tata!!

here's the link back to : Brunch & Fun Part 1 ~

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