Long overdue pictures

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While editing the other truckload of pictures, i found this set of pictures lying in my hard disk under a folder called: "To be uploaded"
and hehe.. finally uploaded le!

This was near BB's birthday celebration if i didn't rmb wrongly :)

Super cute souvenirs Chua bought for us! :D

Chewy and me with our bears! :D

Chua and bb! Thks chua for the cute bears which are super useful shopping bags! :)

Make a guess what are these?:D
I re-packaged them for chua, chewy and bb for their V day present (if i'm not wrong :p)

Got this idea from one of the scrapbooking sites i visited! Reeses as earpiece and a box of mentos as iPod :D And here's Duffy being my all time model lol!

Cute chua and bb!

And here's bb with her favourite oppa!

Not forgetting our pretty ABCE dust caps Chua got for us too!! :D

and make a guess whose handwriting this masterpiece belongs to?:p

It's none other than chewy! We got a handwritten wrapping paper from chewy before! <3

And check out chua's face when she saw that..-_- 
-Moving on to the food-

Happy bb with her pasta! :D

Next up, goofy pics hahahha...

Guess whose? haha..

And my "never say no to camwhoring" buddy! :D
As well as the ever spontaneous chewy! :p

Add in Bb and we have ABE! :D love u all! hehe!

*it's been quite a while since i wore this army parka, shall dig it out and wear it again soon hehe*

ending off with a group picture! :D
Next up will be August Museum Hopping & Brunch and Fun Part 2! Be back for more!!
And plz drop some comments on interesting posts i can do or ways to improve my blog! TY!! :D

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