Sleepover @ V Hotel :)

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Sorry for the long hiatus! My old laptop crashed and all the photos that i've edited before hand were gone! :( Thank goodness i still have my raw copies in my external hard disk! Anyway, i'm back to my blogging lifestyle now! :p 

Here's a series of photos from our most recent impromptu sleepover @V Hotel :D
Sleepover with Xuan, Anna, Huimin & Tiffany!

Most efficient upload ever becos we didn't take alot of pictures and editing with my new bimbo macky is AWESOME! I am an official Mac Lover! Hee! 1st post blogging from Macky! <3


Check out our queen size bed and a single bed! :D Joined both together to make space for all of us!

Xuan & I checked in first! :D 
Lucky Nikky was the official camera for the short staycation~
And then we went to Bugis to walk around & buy food hehe. V hotel's location is super convenient! Right above Lavender MRT station! :D

Guess who? :) 
Night swim for the 2 super fit girls! They swam 20 laps while xuan & I nua-ed on the seats hahaha..

Not forgetting our healthy snack for the night! :D 1 tub of peach and a tub of mango yami yoghurt!

As well as Anna's yummy bread that we gobbled up even before breakfast the next morning! They were all gone by the time i rmb to take pics :p

After 5 movies and endless rounds of Saboteur card game, we all crashed at around 6 plus am for a short nap~ 
We watched: Colombiana, Scream4, Step Up 2, Avengers & Taken! 

Action packed all the way! All the movies were gd except for Scream4 which was ridiculous.. and i can't wait to watch Taken2 in the cinemas soon! :D

Woke up to sun shining through the glass windows and this was the scenery from our hotel room :)

The "river" view as quoted by the hotel receptionist :p 
LOL..probably becos we were staying at the lowest floor?

Camwhoring starts once you are awake :p

Rise & shine sleeping beauty :)

Le Emo Pic of an Engineering Student :p

Too hungry.. plz pardon the cui look! Holding the last bread left in the room *muahahaha*

With Anna! :D

And dearest Xuan who kept avoiding my camera *tsk tsk*

Staycation 2012 with the lovely girls! :D

The pool that i didn't get to swim in becos we were too lazy & tired :p

And the gym that was facing the pool~

Picture taking time!! :D

Group Picture! :D

Can't wait to see u girls again!! 
Simple yet fun staycation! 
Great start to October~

That's all for now!! Will be updating my blog with other posts really soon! Editing the rest of the pictures of my travelogue now! Stay tuned!! :D

PS: the rest of the pics r either too blurry or unglam thus i didn't put them up! :p

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