Wimbly Lu with Chewy :D

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Yup! I'm back again with another cafe visit which has been on my "To Go" list for quite a while~
All thanks to chewy who had time to head there with me! :D

15-2 Jalan Riang 

It was a 10-15 mins walk from Serangoon Mrt Station where we stopped over at the ValueDollar shop for yummy boxes of Kraft Ritz Handy Snacks before heading to Wimbly Lu!! Love the cheese spread to the max! YUM!!! Will head to get more soon! Thks for the recommendation chewy!! Thks to Audrey too! :D

And finally we reached Wimbly Lu!! Missed the chance to take pic of the vintage car parked in front of the cafe :( oh well..

Met Gynette & her bf with their friends at Wimbly Lu too!! Such a coincidence!! Was suppose to meet her the next day but saw her there the day before! LOL! So fated hahaha..

Check out the cute chili plate/saucer they have! 
And a pretty candle holder at every table..

Chewy & I went into the shop with our boxes of yummy snacks! This is how it looks like!! DIY! hehe..

And our cheesy toast melts has arrived! Super normal. Regretted ordering this hahaha.. Could have made this at home.. lol! Didn't expect the toast to be like this.. Was expecting something more impressive!

Oh well.. the atmosphere of the cafe kinda made up for the disappointment haha.. Brick walls, the perfect picture backdrop~

And our fries served in a bamboo "dim sum" container! So cute!!!

Really like these lightings!! Would love to have such a ceiling with pretty lightings in my future home! <3
Chocolate making in progress~

They even sell organic eggs! :0 
Really love the cute and colourful illustrations on the blackboard menu! :)

Only picture of chewy when she wasn't moving too much lol! *tsk tsk* kept avoiding my camera that day! :p

Our root beer cake! :D 
Quite an unique dessert! But the root beer taste wasn't exceptionally outstanding.. lol! 

And we swapped the candle light holder with the table beside us after our candle extinguished! So pretty right? haha.. 

Not forgetting our waffles with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce! Yums! Filling as well!! :D

And that's me lol!

Will request for this little cosy corner the next round i visit! hehe.. so romantic right?

Really like the book shelves area too! :D

Other desserts/sweet treats available for sale! :)

Picture with the pretty display outside the cafe! :)

And chewy! :)

Overall, a cafe with a really nice atmosphere to chill out at and definitely a place for chocolate lovers! 
Tempted to head back the next round to check out Cajun Kings! Just beside this cafe.. haha.. Will put up a review if i drop by there! :D

Love u chewy! More cafe hopping soon!! :D Till then, please check back regularly! Lots of posts lined up ahead! :)

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