Summer holidays in Scandinavia Day 2-3

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Sorry for the long delay for the next update on my summer holidays in Scandinavia :p
Too many pictures to sieve out and post haha.. 
This post will be pictures from Day 2-3 of the trip! :D

Many colourful visuals ahead! <3

Daily buffet breakfast are major love!! 
So many yummy looking bread to choose from! :D

And daily dose of fruits :)

Yummy crispy bacon~ YUM!

They even have different kinds of cheese and you can slice it yourself using the cutter haha.. so cool right? :)

And runny eggs that are my absolute favourite! :D

My sumptuous breakfast for the day! 

Major selca-ing before we left the hotel :D
*selca = self capture*
And with the pretty rainbow blinds too! :)
More travelling on the coach~ And this was one of the suspension bridge mentioned by the tour guide :p 

More travelling with pretty scenery along the way before we reached Odense- the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen 

Little Mermaid :)

Thumbelina (if i'm not wrong :p)

Check out the cute babies!! :D

Mummy the videographer haha..

Posing with the colourful little houses :)
And pretty potted plants too! :)

Really pretty blue blue sky!

H. C. Andersen

Check out how pretty the houses look!
LOL..i was wandering around looking for photo spots hahahaha..

And more flowers~

All the cute little kids~

A very pretty place to be at~

This furball lying on the floor waiting for it's owner :p

Such a cutie!! :D

And so many pretty flowers for sale at the marketplace :)

Excuse me, are you a mini lion or a dog?
hahahha.. cute huh? sleepy lion dog lol!

And a group of kids playing soccer 

Le boy and the duck hahaha..

The duck that couldn't be bothered by all the commotion created by us, tourists. haha..
Oops and i wasn't really listening to the tour guide.. just walked around snapping pictures as we had individual audio headsets:)

I like the focus of this picture hehe..

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen

What a cutie!! :D 

And chewy's favourite kind of dog- big and black hahaha..
Kids in the same tour group~

And Mcd for lunch simply becos the restaurants are all too crowded :(

Followed by our daily dose of ice cream hahaha..
Super huge!

And more travelling to go~ 
Took this picture on the coach :)

The charging bull statue 

i think the one at New York was more impressive haha.. 

And the Girl & the Goose statue 

Dinner place for the day :)

A restaurant with really nice ambience~

Heex do i look like the painting? :D

Soup & bread

Followed by Norwegian Salmon with mini lobster!! :D 
*drools* i miss this!!!! One of the nicest meals on the trip!

Oh ya! I was served kids meal by mistake :( Do i look so kiddy? Nearly didn't get my lobster man!!! 
Probably i was acting childishly so the waiteress served me nuggets and fries -__-'''
And this dessert was the best! :D YUM!!! I miss this omg!!!
Scoop of ice cream with cake and the portion was just right!!!

Satisfied and posing with my favourite dessert!! 
*plz pardon the messy fringe haha.. too busy eating away..*

Working on my drafts for Day 3-4 now! Please bear with my slower updates as i just started working! :) Will continue blogging so please do drop by and take a look as and when kay? I have pre-scheduled posts already! :D 

Here's the link back to Day1-2 Scandinavia trip :)

Summary of places visited:
World's largest suspension bridge- Storebaelforbindelsen bridge, Hans Christian Andersen's House at Odense, Aalborg- Denmark's 4th largest city, Cymbrian Bull and Girl with Goose sculptures on Vesterbro Street

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