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Introducing the newest additions to my precious moments figurine collection! :D

CHLOE from the disney princess series~

C for Cinderella who used to be one of my childhood favourite Disney Princess! :D
Everyone wants a happy ending like Cinderella! Waiting for their prince charming and the rags to riches success story.. *daydreams*

H for Holidays! :) 
Everyone's favourite time of the year! Especially for me~
 Can't wait to plan for the next holiday trip!

L for Love! <3
Simply live, love, cherish!

O for OMG, Oh gosh, Oh man, Oh my tian, uh Oh, Oh ya, Oooh..
Hahaha.. very lame.. but that's all that came to my mind when i saw the alphabet O!
Tinkerbell looks so cute here!

E for exciting! :D
Starting on a new phase of life soon & i am so excited! Keeping fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly! :p

Sorry everyone! Travel posts are still in the midst of editing due to an incompatible hard disk! Just bought a new one today & i'm working on the pictures! :D Plz stay tuned to the upcoming posts!

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